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The leaves piled up against the front door get inside before you do. Leaf blowers and vacuums blow these swirling masses away from the house for collecting or mulching. Decide which type you prefer whether hand held, a walk-behind blower, or a blower-vacuum combination unit. Then, check out battery, cordless, and gas-powered blowers and put those leaves on the run. At least, until next time.

Hand-Held Blowers Work Hard

Raking leaves by hand is hard work. Leaf blowers and leaf vacuums cut down total labor time by hours and reduce muscle fatigue. When confronted with a yard full of leaves, a hand-held blower is lightweight so you can complete the job comfortably. These blowers also clear away debris from patios, decks, and sidewalks. Ergonomic designs relieve stress on your arm and many models have more than one speed to go fast or slow. Choose battery-powered or electric cordless blowers that require little maintenance. Use a gas-powered blower for larger jobs that don't require electricity or depend on a battery for operation. Many include a cruise-control lever to reduce operator fatigue.

Walk Behinds are in Charge

Push a walk-behind blower all over the yard when you have lots of leaves to blow. A blower equipped with directional controls lets you aim and change the direction where you want to pile leaves. The rear wheels on the leaf blower or leaf vaccum should be large enough to move across the ground without catching on objects. The front wheel should swivel 360 degrees. Because operators don't carry the blower, they usually don't get as tired. These blowers are three to four times more powerful than back pack blowers and are available in battery and gas-powered models.

Combo Blowers with More Than One Purpose

Clean up your yard with a combination leaf blower and vacuum. At the flip of a switch, you can change over from a blower to a vacuum. Once you blow the leaves into a pile, use the vacuum to suck them up into an attached bag. You can empty the contents into a trash bag or compost bin. This combo machine vacuums up small twigs and trash left over from a garden party such as plastic forks and napkins.

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