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How Can Replacement Lawn Mower Parts Extend Your Lawn Mower's Life?

Like most mechanical devices, lawn mowers can break down after years of use. Using the proper lawn mower parts, you can extend the life of your mower and avoid the cost of a brand new lawn mower. To know how to repair your lawn mower, it is important to know which parts are replaceable.

Which mower parts are replaceable?

Many lawn mower and riding lawn mower parts are easily replaceable. You can swap out certain parts attached to the engine and even replace the engine entirely. Some lawn mower parts such as air filters and cutting blades will need to be replaced from time to time as continued use wears down their effectiveness.

  • Engine: Lawn mower parts in the engine can include the carburetor, air filters, belts, and the starter. Be aware some brands may have an external starter or carburetor.
  • Drive Train: Powered lawn mowers and riding mower parts that propel your lawn mower include belts, transaxles, wheels, and tires
  • Blades: Blades can be sharpened and replaced. Some are specialized for different purposes.
Are riding mower parts and standard lawn mower parts interchangeable?

Due to the size and power of riding lawn mowers, they require more heavy-duty lawn mower parts to optimize performance. Riding lawn mowers require large wheels and tires to pass over rough terrain, and they utilize long blades to cover greater areas. These mowers may also require accessories and parts that are not available for regular lawn mowers. Specialty riding mower parts can include seats, transmissions, shocks, and ignition parts. When searching for eBay mower parts, it is important to check to make sure you are viewing riding mower parts or regular lawn mower parts.

Which lawn mower parts are right for my mower?

Does it feel like your lawn mower is not running properly? Where do you start to diagnose problems? You basic lawn mower has three main systems; the engine, the drive train, and the parts that cut grass. Identify engine problems by listening to your engine or observing odd vibrations or chugging sounds. If your engine experiences these issues, you may wish to check the cleanliness of your air filter before you begin replacing parts. Failure to start or requiring repeated attempts to start may point to ignition and starter systems. If you begin to experience problems with your lawn mower stalling over thick grassy areas, you could be due for new blades rather than an engine replacement. Dull blades can cause your lawn mower to work harder and wear down other parts. When browsing eBay lawn mower parts, remember that not all parts are interchangeable. Make sure that the parts you are considering are compatible with your brand and model.

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