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Start Creating Your Own Designs with a Laser Cutter

Cut out your own, personalized designs on a variety of materials like wood, acrylic, and metal with a DIY laser cutter. Laser cutters are in demand due to the unique designs they can make. Read on to learn more about how you can use and maintain the machine you purchase on eBay.

What kind of wattage power can you expect?

You can purchase a new or pre-owned cutter on eBay, and the type of cutter that you purchase will determine how powerful it is. The majority range from 200mW (megaWatts) to 100W (Watts) and everything in between. eBay offers several different types of laser cutters, so you can easily find an affordable one with the right about of strength and power to meet your needs. If you're engraving on leather or material, a powerful laser cutter may not be necessary. However, cuts made on any kind of metal will need something more powerful.

What are some features of this product?

These unique machines will typically include the following features:

  • Engine that outputs a laser power product
  • Focusing lens that allows you to pinpoint the laser for cutting purposes
  • Assist gas inlet for giving the laser a heating element from which to react and cut with
How can you fix cutter malfunctions or damage?

If you find that your laser cutter is not working properly, you'll first want to diagnose what the problem is before it is too late and the machine does not work anymore or causes an injury to you. Some issues and their solutions include the following:

  • The lens is not working properly: Properly store the lens and make sure to clean it properly by blowing on it to remove any dust particles. You can also clean it with a cotton swab.
  • Electrical power not working: Check the stability of the daily supply voltage. Additionally, make sure the electrical cabinet is well ventilated.
  • General maintenance: Make sure you read the instructions to solve any problems relating to programming and proper gas air pressure. If anything else arises, be sure to take it to a qualified engineer who can make an accurate diagnosis and solve the issue. A qualified mechanical or electrical engineer is specifically trained to solve laser cutting issues should they arise.
What kinds of materials can you engrave?

Depending on the wattage power of the laser cutter you purchase, it can cut or engrave on a variety of materials including:

  • Less powerful: Wood, plastic, paper, bamboo, horns, acrylic, leather, and sponge paper
  • More powerful: Metal and steel
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