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Laredo Boots for Men

Although boot styles seem to change with the seasons, Western cowboy boots or Western boots in general always seem to be in style. Laredo cowboy boots are common whether you’re attending a casual event, headed to work, or going on your first date. Laredo boots for men are one of many Western boots created by the Dan Post Boots brand.

How do you pick the right fit for Laredo boots?

When purchasing Western boots, getting the right fit is half the battle. While trying them on is important, knowing what to look for in a fit can be beneficial with both round- and square-toe styles. However, there are a few things to consider in your Laredo cowboy boots other than just knowing your size:

  • Try on the Laredo boots with the same type of socks you plan to wear with your boots. Thickness will matter.
  • Check the fit of your Laredo both sitting and standing.
  • The arch of your foot and the boot should meet when you are standing.
  • If your toes seem to bump the boots, you'll need to choose a larger size.
  • A large wrinkle across the instep can mean the Laredo may be too large.
What factors may affect the fit of the boots?

Believe it or not, all boots and Western footwear are not created equal. When purchasing cowboy boots, you should typically get the same size boots that you normally wear. This is also true with Laredo footwear or any Western boot. The following are some things that may affect the fit:

  • Material: You may find that distressed Western boots are going to give a slightly different feel than regular leather boots.
  • Type of toe: Western square-toe boots may offer a wider fit than round-toe boots.
  • Heel height: The height of a boot’s heel will also play a role in the fit.
How do you care for Laredo boots?

Caring for your cowboy boots will not only maintain and improve appearance but can also extend the life of your boots. Performing regular maintenance is relatively easy. However, keep in mind that different materials may require different care, regardless of the cowboy or cowgirl style:

  • Cowhide: Remove dirt from Western boots with a damp cloth, apply a light coat of leather conditioner, and apply a water protector.
  • Nude or distressed leather: Remove dust with a damp cloth and apply a water protector but avoid using a conditioner.
  • Suede leather: Apply a water protector and remove dust periodically with a soft nylon brush.
  • Pigskin: Use the same method as for cowhide Western boots but do it more frequently because of the thinness of this material.
  • Exotic material: Remove dirt with a damp cloth or soft brush, apply water-based exotic conditioner, and apply water protector on a regular basis.
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