Restore Your Laptop With a Used Laptop Battery

Laptop batteries are an excellent resource to have around if you build your own computers or are attempting to bring your old laptop back to life. If you have a busy life that keeps you on the go, then make sure that you'll never be without your computer by keeping a used laptop battery on hand just in case. Here are just a few topics that will help you narrow down your search when shopping for a used laptop battery on eBay.

How to pick the right used laptop battery on eBay

Although the process of selecting affordable laptop batteries on eBay is simple, there are just a few things that you should take into consideration before making that final purchase. Here are a few crucial things to keep in mind when purchasing a new laptop battery on eBay.

  • Tools - Some laptop batteries require specific tools for installation. If your laptop requires a bit of finesse to install a battery, then make sure to look for a unit that comes equipped with all the tools you'll need to get the job done.
  • OEM - Looking for a laptop battery that states that it's from the OEM means that you'll receive a battery produced by the original equipment manufacturer.
Verifying the right laptop battery for your computer

Just as everyday batteries come in all shapes and sizes, it's vital to make sure that the replacement laptop battery you purchase is actually the correct one for your computer.

  • Connector - Compare the connector on your old laptop battery to the one you're interested in on eBay. If the two connectors look different, you may not have the correct model selected.
  • Model number - If you still have access to the old laptop battery, find the model number printed on the side to compare with selections online.
  • Brand - Be sure that you are not purchasing conflicting brands, as some are not universally compatible.
  • Cells - Laptop batteries on eBay can also be narrowed down by determining if you need between 3 and 12 cells.
Who manufactures laptop batteries?

There are dozens of companies that manufacture laptop batteries.

  • Dell - Dell makes a handful of different compatible laptop batteries to accompany their exclusive line of laptop computers.
  • Lenovo - Lenovo laptop batteries support a multitude of Windows laptops.
  • Apple - Apple batteries are exclusive to their extensive laptop collection.

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