Laptops with 32GB RAM Offer The Power You Need

Laptops add a lot of flexibility for the average user, and there's a lot of variation in the types of laptops you can purchase. In fact, for those that need a little more power, this is where a laptop with 32GB of RAM can really provide you with what you need to run the most demanding programs. These powerhouse laptops can be found easily on eBay, and there are many models with a wide variety of useful features.

How does having 32GB of RAM affect laptop performance?

RAM, which some refer to as simply memory or Random Access Memory, governs access speeds. When information that's stored on the hard drive is used by the CPU, it passes through the RAM, and having extra RAM makes this process faster and more seamless.

How does extra RAM in a PC like this help?

While the brain of the computer is definitely the processor, and many of the top-tier programs will require a multi-core CPU, a lot of memory is also very important. The processor's cores perform all of the calculations, but in order to access and use the data held on the hard drives, more RAM is needed, so a good processor and RAM combo makes for more reliable computer performance.

What kinds of tasks can you perform with 32GB laptops?

When you have a powerful laptop like this, you can perform a lot of demanding computing tasks. This is a result of the high RAM DIMM count in these laptop models. For example, tasks like these are handled with relative ease:

  • Modeling - If you work or study computer modeling and animation, you'll need a powerhouse PC, and a product with extra RAM and a multi-core CPU can really help in this regard.
  • Engineering programs - Modeling software has steep memory requirements, which is where a good laptop with 32GB of RAM can help.
  • Gaming - If you're going to be playing AAA titles, you'll find more RAM very useful, and while not every competitive game requires a lot of RAM, most games certainly can benefit from a machine with a few extra DIMMs under the hood. This is especially important when looking for reduced stuttering and freeze-ups.
  • Video editing - Some of the top editing software on the market requires computers with high-end hardware, which includes copious amounts of RAM. An i7 32GB RAM laptop is good for this, because it allows editors to take their work on the go.