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Land Rover Car & Truck License Plate Frames

Car and truck license plate frames are practical and inexpensive accessories to add to your Land Rover. License plate frames can protect your car's license plate while adding decorative detail to personalize your vehicle. License plate frames come in a wide range of materials and design varieties.

What do license plate frames do?

More than just accessories, license plate frames are metal frames that go around your vehicle's license plate, providing protection and support and adding decorative detail. Because they give your license plate more support, license frames protect against dents, dings, and routine damage or bending from car wash sprays or parking-lot mishaps. Clear plastic covers can help protect your license plate's paint from weather or rain damage over time. Plate frames are usually easy to work with for most consumers. Installation usually requires nothing more than simple household tools.

What styles of license plate frame options are available?

License plate frames and covers are available in a variety of styles ranging from classic and simple to eye-catching and unique. When choosing accessories for your vehicle, you should take into consideration not only your personal taste as a driver, but also your driving habits and your lifestyle. If you want to make a bold visual statement, a stylish plate holder would be a solid choice. However, if you do a lot of off-roading, a durable black matte carbon or plastic license plate frame would provide your license with additional protection.

  • Classic: The classic license plate frame for a Land Rover is a straightforward, simple design of polished stainless steel. Tough, durable, and built to last, the classic brushed steel frame will protect your license plates for years.
  • All Things Land Rover: Proud accessories featuring the Land Rover brand name and the Union Jack logo, these license plate frames made specifically for Land Rover trucks and cars will help you celebrate your taste in rugged vehicles.
  • Stylish: Frames and covers for front plates allow you to show off some style. A Land Rover front license plate cover features a raised, domed Land Rover logo on a shiny or black matte background, while your rear plate frame shows off the classic Land Rover logo and Union Jack motif.
What kind of materials are license plate frames made of?

Most frames for your Land Rover's license plate are made of metal, especially stainless steel or brushed steel since those materials tend to be durable and rustproof. For extra visual impact, you might want a license plate frame of silvery chrome, which has the added advantage of increasing your Land Rover's rear visibility at night. License plate frames in tough black plastic or carbon can help your truck or car project a rugged, outdoorsy look while adding durability and protection for your license plate during your off-road adventures.

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