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Land Rover Car Emblems

Replacing or upgrading your Rover's emblem can be frustrating when you are unsure of your options. If you are like some Land Rover owners, you have questions about the different styles. Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions to help you find the right emblem for your vehicle.

What are the types of Land Rover emblems?

Land Rover emblems fit the front, rear, and sides of your vehicle. Options include billet aluminum, chrome, enamel, and steel. Most emblems have an adhesive backing and require little effort to install. Few need hardware for support. See additional information below.

  • Rover billet aluminum emblems: Billet aluminum badges fit the grille or tailgate of the vehicle.
  • Rover chrome emblems: The emblems are produced from the same hard plastic and chrome-plated materials as the OEM.
  • Rover enamel emblems: Hardware is required to attach enamel emblems to the vehicle. They have a metal copper base with either a chrome, nickel, or gold plating.
  • Rover alloy emblems: Alloy badges are cast in automotive-grade steel.
How do you install a Range Rover emblem?

First, check the manufacturer’s instructions before installing the emblem. Carefully remove the old emblem. Apply heat to loosen the glue. Clean the area for installation, removing any residue from the previous badge. Follow the steps below to install badges with adhesive.

  • After the surface dries, wipe it with rubbing alcohol.
  • Peel the protective layer from the back.
  • Line it up and press firmly in place.
What are the emblem designs?

Land Rover has undergone quite the transformation since its founding. Naturally, there are various designs. You will find everything from the original nameplate to the current logo. Use them to replace a dull, scratched, or missing piece on your Rover.

  • Black background with silver lettering for the Rover's tailgate or grille.
  • Gold, silver, or white lettering on a green backdrop for the Rover's grille and tailgate.
  • Red lettering for the tailgate of Discovery Sport and Range Rover Evoque vehicles.
  • Silver lettering for the tailgate of the Velar.
Why are some emblems black and others green?

From 1948 to 2008, the Land Rover Company changed hands six times. As the company evolved, so did its logo. Modifications took place to show the brand's change in direction. The background color changed from black to green, and the lettering transformed from gold to silver to white. Other reasons for the differences include:

  • Currently, Jaguar owns the brand Land Rover and the model Range Rover. The Tata Group assembles Land Rovers and the Ford Motor Company builds Range Rovers for the Jaguar Company.
  • Jaguar wants to separate the vehicles' identities.
  • Range Rover SUVs like the flagship Range Rover, Range Rover Evoque, and Range Rover Sport feature newer badges with the green background to represent luxury.
  • Owners may favor one color on their vehicle, instead of the other. For example, an owner of a black Range Rover or Range Rover Sport may prefer a black emblem to coordinate with their vehicles. In contrast, owners of a white Discovery SUV may opt for a green badge on the tailgate or grille of the vehicle.
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