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Lancôme Skin Care

When you want to look your best and give your confidence a boost, the right skin care products can help by revealing brighter, softer skin. With a collection of products that include anti-aging treatments, cleansers, toners, eye treatments, masks, makeup removers, moisturizers, night treatments and more, Lancôme has something for every skin type. Using gentle but advanced techniques and ingredients, Lancôme has fast-working treatments for softer, smoother complexions.

What types of Lancôme skin products are available?

Lancôme has an amazing selection of products that target a wide variety of skin types. For normal, day-to-day maintenance routines, there are day and night treatments, cleansers and toners, along with makeup removers that help maintain an even tone. There are exfoliators, scrubs, masks, peels, microdermabrasion tools, and more for those treatments that aren't part of your daily regimen but still important.

There are also specialty products. Treatments are available for acne and blemishes to reduce the appearance of flaws while helping the skin to heal. The brand also has a line of anti-aging products that hydrate the complexion, reduce the appearance of blemishes and wrinkles, and lighten the skin's color for a younger, brighter facial appearance.

Products are available as singles and within sets or kits. There are products for different complexion types like combination, dry, mature, normal, oily, sensitive, and also items designated as appropriate for all types. Items are usually 1 ounce to 17 ounces in size with travel sizes available for some products.

Lancôme products offer a lot of great features for consumers. Its products are alcohol-free, use all natural ingredients, and are cruelty-free, meaning the company does no animal testing. Many of the products offer sun protection and are oil- and paraben-free as well.

What are Lancôme serums?

Serums are products used after cleansing your face but before you moisturize. The effective components Seep into the pores using smaller, penetrating molecules that delve deep for a strong concentration of active ingredients. How they work make these treatments very effective in dealing with a dull complexion and wrinkles.

Many moisturizing ingredients can be found in products like Advanced Génifique and they also aid the skin in retaining that hydration. This doesn't make them moisturizers, however, so it's important to moisturize immediately after use.

How do you use Lancôme Advanced Génifique?

Cleanse and tone with your favorite products first. Press the top button on your Advanced Génifique bottle to place a small amount of the serum onto your palm. Apply it evenly over your face and neck, massaging gently until the serum is absorbed into your pores. For best results, use morning and night to enhance your normal routine and to improve your complexion's glow.

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