How you feel in your home can be dramatically impacted by its lighting, but the wide range of lamps available can make the task of choosing one feel intimidating. Do you choose glass or metal, antique or contemporary? Whether you are looking for a practical desk lamp, an antique table lamp, or a flamboyant floor lamp to set off your home's unique decor, you can find what you are looking for by keeping a few things in mind.

What designs do lamps come in?

Floor, table, desk, and hanging lamps offer light at multiple levels, and come in many designs.

  • Antique lamps of varying heights lend light as well as classic elegance to a room when paired with stained glass shades.
  • Contemporary color blocking adds an art deco touch to a desk lamp.
  • A rustic table lamp with a leather-trimmed shade fits perfectly in a room with a western theme while providing soft light.
  • A polished nickel gooseneck lamp paired with a matching floor lamp adds bright light and sleek style to an office.
  • Table lamps with shades decorated with cartoon characters and toy-related elements add fun to a child's bedroom.
  • Contemporary table lamps with brightly colored ceramic bases and white shades are easily coordinated with multiple decor palettes.
  • Table lamps with traditional brass bases paired with neutral colored shades match almost any room's theme.
  • Hanging wood and paper lamps add appeal to rooms with oriental decor.
  • Antique table lamps with clear or colored glass bases and white shades are understated but stylish.
What materials are lamps made of?

The materials used to construct lamps affect the light output. Translucent materials offer sharper light, while fabrics and opaque materials provide softer light to a room. Lamp bases and shades can be made of:

  • Ceramic, crystal, and stained glass
  • Wood, bamboo, and wicker
  • Paper, plastic, resin and salt
  • Brass, iron, and bronze
  • Parchment, cotton, silk, and polyester
Which lamps are dimmable?

Lamps containing ballasts are dimmable down to about 15% of their light capacity. Dimmable lamps come in floor, table, and hanging styles and can be dimmed using switches, knobs, or touch. Check the product information for bulb type required.

How to use lamps in the home?
  • Opt for a combination of floor, hanging, and table lamps.
  • Try mixing lamp bases and matching their shades for a different, but unified, look.
  • Choose the shade design and height to ensure the right lighting for the intended area.
  • Decide on the lamp size that will work for you.
  • Pick adjustable desk lamps that accommodate several positions for increased lighting ability.
  • Select the proper bulb for the lamp you choose.

Taking into account the broad range of styles, materials, and versatility of lamps available will help you choose the right lighting for your home.

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