Laminating Machines

The process of lamination includes covering paper or cardstock with plastic by using heat or adhesives – a necessary process to prevent any kind of damage to the underlying material. Laminating machines were formerly only available in copy shops. However, smaller, more affordable ones have made it possible to laminate projects from the comfort of your own home.

What are the different types of lamination machines?

The type of lamination machine you will want to use will depend on the material being processed. The two main types of lamination machines are pouch lamination machines and roll lamination machines.

Pouch lamination machines:

  • They use pouches made of plastic lined with an adhesive to laminate paper.
  • They are small and portable, making them ideal for home use.
  • They are limited to smaller projects and quantities.
  • They offer three types of machines.
    • The smaller machines have laminating pouches up to 9 inches wide.
    • The wider ones provide larger laminating pouches.
    • The technically advanced brands are more commercial and come from well-known manufacturers.

Roll lamination machines:

  • They use large rolls of plastic film, also adhesive-lined, to encase paper sheets.
  • They are big and bulky, and they are most often used in copy shops and schools.
  • They allow you to laminate much bigger projects as well as laminate multiple sheets at a time.

How does one use a paper lamination machine?

Pouch laminator:

  1. Plug in the paper lamination machine and switch it on. The paper lamination machine will be ready to use in approximately 10 minutes.
  2. Place the sheet to be laminated into one of the laminating pouches. It is best to leave a 1/8-inch border as well as 1/8 to 1/4 inch between multiple items.
  3. Insert the sealed end of the laminating pouch into the lamination machine. Take care not to insert the document at an angle as it will cause the paper lamination machine to jam.
  4. The laminator is automatic and will pull the sheet through. Do not force the laminating pouches into or out of the laminator.

Roll laminator:

  1. Turn on the lamination machine. It will take approximately 10 minutes to warm up and be ready to use.
  2. Place the items to be laminated on the feed plate, taking care to make sure they are centered.
  3. Press the "run" button to start the rollers moving. At this point, the sheets can be fed through the lamination machine continuously.
  4. Stop the machine when you are done laminating. Remove your items from the laminator using a cutter or a pair of scissors.
  5. Turn off the machine.