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Lamb Chop & Shari Lewis Toys

Ventriloquist Shari Lewis, who learned the skill as a child, created Lamb Chop. Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop first appeared on TV on New York's WRCA morning show, Hi Mom, followed by a TV appearance on Captain Kangaroo in March 1956, and then, they received their own show, The Shari Lewis Show, on NBC from 1960 to 1963, replacing The Howdy Dowdy Show. Some of the memorabilia available is from the 1960 era, but most of the memorabilia is from the 1992 to 1997 period when they appeared on the PBS show, Lamb Chop's Play-Along. This TV show won six Emmy Awards.

What is a good description of Lamb Chop?

The character is a cute, smart, and sassy six-year-old girl with a thick New York accent that happens to be a lamb. When she gets herself into a pickle, she gives her signature perplexed look.

The available puppets are plush, wool-look lamb dolls with dangly legs and a hole in the back for your hand. The 1960 version had a large plastic head with movable mouth and a red sock puppet body with blue trim and the hand opening at the bottom

Who were Lamb Chop's friends?

She has talked about her friend, Lolly Pincus, but her puppet friends are a dachshund named Hush Puppy, Charlie Horse with a buck tooth and a straw hat, and a crow named Wing Ding. Shari Lewis did the voices for all three puppets. With a puppet on each hand, she sometimes held a three-way conversation. All of them can be found among the memorabilia in the 1960 style as well as among the full-body, 1990, ventriloquist style puppets.

Are puppets the only Lamb Chop related memorabilia available?

No, there is a wide variety of memorabilia available from talking dolls and other toys to quilts, lamps, and telephones. Some memorabilia is from the 1960 era, some is from the 1990 period, and some is more recent from around 2012.

What is in the future for Lamb Chop?

Some of the memorabilia available are items that have been retired, but she is not retiring yet. The Smithsonian has a space for her, but she is doing shows with Mallory Lewis, the daughter of Shari Lewis. They travel around the world performing for the three generations of fans who love her and for the military. Matter of fact, she was given a field promotion to the rank of three-star general. So, it is her duty to continue to perform for the troops.

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