What Does La Marzocco Specialize In?

La Marzocco specializes in the making of commercial espresso machines, however, they also manufacture grinders and replacement parts for both options. If you've been in search of that missing piece to give your cafe a boost, there are a few choices when it comes to La Marzocco.;

What Types of Espresso Machines Does La Marzocco Make?

La Marzocco specializes in the production of commercial espresso machines only, made for a high-output coffee shop. They have several different models:

  • The Linea Classic or Linea PB offers separate boilers for both coffee and steam production. With groups of two, three, or four, you can make several shots or lattes at once.
  • The GS3 is one of the smaller models, but is still a commercial model. This smaller espresso machine also features a dual boiler system as well as an internal pump.
  • The Leva is an updated version of the iconic lever machines.; This model has several different submodels, with features such as PID, independent boilers, graphic display, and a military-grade steam potentiometer.

Are La Marzocco Machines Simple to Use?

One of the features of La Marzocco commercial machines is their ease of use. You or your barista can easily learn how to use these machines in just a few short minutes, allowing you to pour the perfect cafe-quality cup of cappuccino or espresso for your guests.

  • LED display: All of theLa Marzocco models, from the smallest to the largest, offer touch screen or LED displays. This allows you to tend to other things while coffee is brewing, letting you know when it's ready. It also helps guide how you can use the system.
  • Drip tray: When it comes to ease of cleaning the machines, a removable drip tray allows you to remove components for sanitary washing.
  • Other features: Other features, such as Super-Automatic mode, allow you to program the machine so that it runs perfectly with just one touch, allowing you to change features at the press of a button.

What Are Other La Marzocco Features and Benefits?

There are many other features of these cafe-style commercial espresso machines that render them seamless to use for you or your employees.

  • Stainless steel construction:; All of these coffee maker and espresso machines have a stainless steel construction and this also aids in cleaning.
  • Super-auto:; Super-auto; or pre-infusion allows for programming as well as the perfect pour. Many of these machines are also semi-automatic.
  • Replacement parts; are readily available for these pump-driven espresso makers. Whether you need a replacement pump or LED screen, parts are readily available to order and install.

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