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Replacement Parts to Keep Your LG Display Screen Operational

Replacement parts for LG displays and monitors come in a range of sizes for different computers. The panels are tested for functionality so that the repair process is simple when the correct replacement parts are selected. Screens have varying picture-quality capabilities, ranging from basic to full high definition.

Are different-sized monitor panels available?

The panels included come in a range of different sizes to meet the needs of both user preference and computer capabilities. Compact LCD panels are available for those who are limited in space. Measurements are taken from diagonal corners of the displays. Designed aspect ratios vary, with both 16:9 and square panels offered depending on user need. Some of the sizes available are:

  • 17 inches
  • 20 inches
  • 24 inches
  • 27 inches
What are some aesthetic elements of the panels?

The replacement displays available come in several different finishes that affect the user experience. Some panels are matte in finish and designed to resist glare from outside light. Others are more reflective and come with a glossy finish. Display frames vary in color and thickness. In some instances, the frame of the LCD panel may be the same color as the screen so it is not immediately visible when turned off.

What are some of the functional aspects of the products?

The replacement panels that are offered have several functional features that affect user interactivity in addition to varying picture quality. In some of the panels, there may be touchscreen functionality so that users can directly interact with their monitor. However, touch capability is not supported by all products. For this feature to work properly, the associated computer must contain the necessary software. Full HD is supported by many of the monitors available. Device compatibility varies between some of the products that are offered. In some instances, a replacement panel may only function with a specific line of computers from a brand.

Are there specific repair instructions for installation?

Repairs may be completed by either the user or a certified professional. For users that are inexperienced, it is recommended that a professional perform the repairs. For products that contain replacement screens designed to go onto a laptop and not function externally, the installation process may involve the removal of several different parts from the original laptop. Connections will then have to be made to install the new monitor properly. Improper installation can cause damage to the laptop. The associated tools and equipment needed for repair may be included in the product package.

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