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Overview of Your Options in LG LED Projectors

LED projectors have many potential uses like giving presentations, watching movies on a screen, and lecturing. LG has several models with varying specs and features, including the Minibeam and LCOS.

What is an LG LED projector?

This device uses LED as a light source to project images on a screen. On average, hour ratings are 10,000-20,000. Technology type can be either transmissive or reflective, depending on the product. Transmissive devices pass light through the panels whereas reflective models direct light via mirrors. Some models are portable, measuring approximately 4.7 inches wide, 3.4 inches deep, and 1.9 inches high. LG has a few portable options, some of which include Bluetooth.

What are common features of this device?

Many models have built-in speakers, an aspect ratio of 16:9 or 4:3, and an embedded TV tuner. Generally, the higher the aspect ratio, the bigger screen size the projector can handle. Brightness can vary between 200-1,500 lumens. The higher the lumens, the more light is emitted per second. Some LG LED projectors feature wireless mirroring, so you can connect them to other electronic devices. In addition to pictures and movies, some versions can display word-processing documents and music.

You'll find a lot of available projectors with high-definition resolution. Sizes range from 174 millimeters wide, 109.5 millimeters deep, and 44 millimeters high. Other common features include sound system compatibility, four-corner keystone technology, and HDMI and USB ports. You can adjust the corners if your device has four-corner keystone technology. Some projectors have a 3D-watch feature that you can use as long as you have 3D glasses.

How do you use this device?

The exact steps it takes to set up a projector may vary depending on your model. In general, what you need to do to use the device consists of the following:

  • Insert the video cable into the external video port of your laptop while it's turned off.
  • Hook up the video cable to the projector while it is also turned off.
  • Plug in the projector.
  • Turn on the projector.
  • Power on your laptop.
  • If you need audio, then connect the laptop's audio-out port to your sound system or projector
  • Lastly, you sync the two devices via Bluetooth or USB. This is commonly done by pressing the function key on your computer and simultaneously tapping F4, F5, F7, or F8. Which key needs to be pressed depends on the computer.
How do you maintain a projector?

To maintain your device, you should clean the lens whenever it has dust on it. You can use a soft cloth and lens cleaner to clean the lens. Another option is brushing the dust off with a can of compressed air. Don't use any abrasive materials on the lens. Before cleaning the projector, you should always turn it off and unplug any cables. For the exterior of the device, you can wipe it clean with a soft cloth. If there's a spot of dirt you can't get off with the dry cloth, dampen the cloth with water and wipe again. You could use a neutral detergent on the damp cloth if you prefer.

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