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LG Bluetooth Headsets Make the Smartphone Experience Hands-Free

Speaking into or listening to the audio on a cell phone with LG Bluetooth smartphone headsets allows users to take advantage of several features. The headsets are designed to enhance the ability place calls or run media apps on the phone. Plug the headset right into the cell phone, and you are good to go.

What are some common features of LG Bluetooth headsets?

All the features associated with the LG Bluetooth headsets support the equipment's performance. Although simple in design and construction, the headsets handle a variety of communicative tasks due to the following integrated features:

  • Built-in microphone: The headset does not only provide hearing pieces; the installed microphone allows users to carry on phone conversations, make voice commands, dictate text, and more.
  • Noise isolation and cancellation: Background noise potentially drowns out the audio you need to hear when listening to the headsets. Special isolation and cancellation functions cut down on unwanted noise and increase auditory clarity. An echo cancellation feature may also be present in the headset.
  • Wireless connectivity: Connect with other devices through the Bluetooth headset without the constant necessity to hardwire anything.
  • Canal earbuds: The earbuds fit right into the ear canal. This cuts down further on hearing any unnecessary and unwanted external sound.
  • Neckband fit design: The neckband design allows the headset to wrap behind the next for added flexibility and a better fit. The earbuds and wire are both connected to the neckband.
What type of connectivity is used by the LG headset?

The compatible type of USB cable integrated into the LG Bluetooth headset is a microUSB. A microUSB represents a scaled-down version of a traditional computer USB connectivity. The micro version allows for compatibility with specific electronic devices. With these headsets, the microUSB plugs into smartphones.

What type of technology goes into the speakers?

LG employs its trademarked QUAD layer speaker technology when producing the sound system for its headsets. Per LG, the technology is designed to support improved sound quality through enhanced bass and midrange tones. Distortion also decreased thanks to the multilayer design of these speakers.

What are retractable earbuds?

The wires connecting the earbuds to the headband can be returned to the inside of the headband. This way, there becomes less of a chance the cord becomes tangled when stored. Also, you may customize the length of the cords to fit the intended user though only pulling out the necessary amount of wire.

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