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Gift-ready sets, bricks, and themes.

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Shop Event Imagine That: LEGO Up to 30% Off Gift-ready sets, bricks, and themes.
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Children and adults of all ages love to sit down and open a box of LEGOs, creating magnificent structures and worlds. LEGO offers building sets of all sizes and skill levels. Children as young as four years old can sit down and build a set pack of whatever subject matter that interests them.

Character Families

LEGO makes several building sets and toys that are centered on some of your most beloved characters. Some of the cult classic storylines that LEGO has focused on include Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Marvel Universe, and DC Universe. Other well-known characters that have had a huge impact on the sets LEGO creates include Batman, Ninjago, Pirates of the Caribbean, Spiderman, Toy Story, and Indiana Jones. LEGO has no forgotten about the young girls who love to build as well. They have an expansive collection of building sets centered on the Disney Princesses. From classic characters such as Cinderella and Belle from Beauty and the Beast to more recent favorites Anna and Elsa and Moana, LEGO offers a well-rounded sampling of building sets for boys and girls.

LEGO Theme

Aside from the endless list of characters whose building sets are based off of, LEGO has several themes that they focus their packs on. For people who regularly enjoy the fine details of architecture throughout the world, LEGO has Creator, which features monuments and historical buildings throughout famous cities. LEGO also has City LEGO kits that feature everyday people and locations, encouraging children to build and create their own cities and towns. Friends is another well rounded set of building packs they produce. Friends focuses on a set of girlfriends, the town they live in, and their daily interactions. Technic is another fun set of building packs that incorporates technology into the LEGO design. LEGO Duplo is centered on younger children to begin to get their minds thinking about building and creativity. Castle is another LEGO theme that has several building sets to go along with it. These LEGO sets feature characters and buildings inspired by the Medieval Ages.

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