LEGO Building Toys

LEGO Building Toys for Christmas

Putting together an interesting LEGO playset can be a great idea for a fun game night on Christmas eve. Whether you’re looking for Christmas games for kids or just want to engage the adults, LEGO building toys are sure to keep you entertained. From setting up cities to building vehicles, there are plenty of activities you can enjoy on a cozy winter night. Sets like Star Wars, Harry Potter, James Bond, DC superheroes, and more will keep the fans hooked for long hours. Those fretting about finding cool Christmas gifts for teens can get their hands on LEGO building sets and be sorted. Save your time going out and pick the best holiday gifts from Black Friday specials on eBay.  

What types of building sets are there?

There are many different types of sets available for every sort of builder. People of all ages can enjoy putting together buildings in their favorite themes, programming robots, and designing iconic historical landmarks with LEGO kits. Some of the companys main building series are these:

  • Mindstorms - Mindstorms is a programming series that consists of kits that contain software, hardware, interlocking pieces, sensors, motors, and an intelligent brick to create robots that can be programmed and customized.
  • Serious Play - The LEGO Serious Play method is a facilitated meeting process that promotes communication wherein the participants build models in response to the facilitators questions with pre-selected pieces.
  • Dimensions - LEGO Dimensions is an interactive video application for various console systems that brings plastic characters to life in the game.
  • Boost - You can build robots in the Boost system by using a tablet to code and program the robots.
  • Licensed Themes - There are many themed kits that are based on various characters and movies.
  • Architecture - Famous and well-known landmarks are represented in the Architecture sets, which are aimed at adult collectors.
What ages are LEGO sets designed for?

These sets are designed for specific age groups as designated on the boxes. The DUPLO line is targeted toward the youngest builders, ages 2-4. These bricks are large and easy to snap together, and the sets usually come with large figures and accessories such as furniture and animals. The Juniors series is designed for children who are ready to move beyond the DUPLO bricks. These sets feature a mix of composite and individual bricks with simple instructions. These sets are easy to assemble and allow the builder to build the target model. All the other sets are designed for multiple ages and have the recommended ages displayed on the outside of the boxes. The main age ranges are for ages 6-8, 9-12, and 12 and up.

What character licenses are represented in LEGO building sets?

Many of the building sets are series linked to licensed themes. Movies and other media are featured in these sets. These are some of the ones that are available:

  • Disney
  • Batman
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Star Wars
  • The Hobbit
  • Harry Potter
  • Marvel
  • Scooby Doo