Grow Your Plants with LED Light Panel Grow Light Kits

Growing a garden inside has never been easier. With all the available resources on eBay, you can grow almost anything inside at any time of year. LED grow lighting makes it possible to have the garden you have always wanted no matter the natural restraints that may be present.

What are grow lights?

Grow lighting is used as an artificial solar source that is intended to stimulate plant growth. The artificial lighting emits a light strength which is appropriate for photosynthesis and is used in situations where there is either no naturally occurring solar energy or where supplemental sources are needed. With a grow kit, you can grow many plants inside, such as houseplants, flowers, and some types of fruits and vegetables. Grow solar lamps are well-suited for seed germination because they help ensure sturdy seedlings. Full-spectrum bulbs work well with indoor gardens because they produce both cool and warm light that replicates the solar spectrum.

What are LED grow light kits?

Besides having LED bulbs, you can also purchase LED grow kits, which may include many items that you can use for your indoor garden. Some common items in a grow kit are:

  • Grow bulbs - These bulbs replicate natural solar energy to promote photosynthesis.
  • Reflector - Reflectors are useful for redirecting solar energy as needed for optimum growth.
  • Ballast - A ballast provides the power to the grow bulbs and can be set for different intensities.
  • Power cords - It is handy to have all the cords you need to be provided for you.
  • Compost - Compost is often necessary for added nutrients in the soil.
  • Tape - You may need to secure the garden items with tape.
  • Ducts - Ducts can provide ventilation, both in and out.
  • Filters - Depending on the type of garden and the air quality, filters may be needed for cleaning the air.
  • Humidity controllers - The level of moisture may need to be regulated.
What are the advantages of LED grow kits?

LEDs use half the electricity of fluorescent lights and last much longer. They emit less heat, do not have mercury, and are more durable than glass bulbs.

Can you use any type of LED in grow kits?

You cannot use household LED bulbs to grow indoor plants because the plants require special spectrum solar energy to grow. LEDs that are optimized for grow kits mimic the natural solar spectrum.