Important Things to Know About Buying LCD Screens for the iPhone 6s

The iPhone 6s display screen will sometimes require replacing, and eBay has plenty of new and preowned iPhone 6s screen options available. Before purchasing a replacement LCD screen for the iPhone 6s, here are a few things that you should consider.

What factors should you consider for a replacement screen for the iPhone 6s?

You will want to verify the quality of the iPhone 6s screen. There are many different types of LCD replacement screens on eBay for the iPhone. You can find Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) quality screens and unbranded screens, white and black screens, and 6s plus screens.

  • Compatibility: Before you buy an iPhone 6s screen replacement, you want to ensure it will be compatible with your device by checking the item description for your device's model number.
  • Quality: There are new and used screens available. If you are looking for a deal on iPhone 6s replacement screens, then consider a used or refurbished condition display.
  • Color: There are several colors of iPhone 6s displays, and all colors are compatible with the iPhone 6s.
  • Standalone or Kit: You can buy an iPhone 6s screen by itself or with the necessary repair tools included. If you want installation tools with your purchase or some helpful care accessories, then consider purchasing one of the available iPhone 6s LCD screen repair kits on eBay. If you already have tools, then a standalone screen may save you some money on your purchase.
iPhone 6s replacement screen compatibility

Determining the compatibility of a replacement LCD screen for the iPhone 6s is simple. If the title or description of an iPhone LCD screen on eBay states that it is for the 6s model, then it is compatible with an iPhone 6s device. The color of the replacement display does not affect the compatibility of the replacement screen with an iPhone 6s.

Different iPhone 6s replacement screen colors

There are several colors of iPhone 6s replacement screens for you to choose from. You may choose a replacement screen for the iPhone 6s that is different from the specific device's original color. The following colors replacement LCD displays are available for the iPhone 6s:

  • Original black or white
  • Gold
  • Grey
  • Pink
  • Blue
Buying iPhone 6s screens in bulk

eBay also has iPhone 6s LCD replacement screens in bulk available. If you are an iPhone repair shop or technician looking for iPhone replacement screens in bulk, then you can select multiple units and receive bulk pricing. There are also iPhone 6s replacement screen lots available that offer mixed selections of replacement screens for the iPhone 6s.

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