LCD Screens for iPhone 6

Find the Right Replacement LCD Screen for Your iPhone 6

A replacement LCD screen can help return your damaged Apple iPhone 6 to its original condition. You can select products with various features, depending on your needs and the amount of damage to the phone. You can find products ranging from digitizers to replacement glass for the screen.

What is a digitizer?

The digitizer is a device that helps your touch become translated into a digital pulse. This is important because it allows the display to electronically respond to your touch. You need this electronic interaction in order to perform even the smallest task on the device. When shopping for a screen replacement, make sure to verify whether you need just the glass or a digitizer as well. In some cases, the screen and digitizer will come together as a kit.

If your screen is slightly cracked but still responding, a glass-only screen kit can help with a replacement. If there is no response to your touch, then you will need a digitizer in an addition to the glass to make your phone fully functional.

Can you use LCDs from other models?

Every Apple product is made with that particular model in mind. While the company has many versions of the iPhone that are similar in size, screen resolution, and power, you should find a product that is specifically made for the iPhone 6 to ensure compatibility for your device. Even if the model has similar sizing, there are often small differences in dimensions and power requirements. Also, features such as the home button and camera need to fit properly so they will function optimally with the iPhone.

How do you find the screen model number?

Different versions of Apple's iPhone have different model numbers. Model numbers can even vary from carrier to carrier for the same phone. To ensure a compatible fit for your screen replacement, you need to find the model number. The model information for the iPhone 6 is etched into the back of the phone.

Are there different colors available for the iPhone 6 LCD?

Replacement screens are designed to match up with the color of your phone. The model 6 came out on the market with only a few select colors. You can still choose a different color to personalize the phone as long as it has the correct model number. Some of the available colors are:

  • Space Gray.
  • Silver.
  • Gold.
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