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Cell Phone LCD Screens for iPhone 4

iPhones replacement parts are available for purchase and installation, and oftentimes, you can even install them yourself. You can order cell phone LCD screens for iPhone 4 phones and learn how the assembly is done in order to give your Apple iPhone a much-needed renovation.

What parts are necessary for an Apple iPhone screen replacement?

All of the following items can be sold separately, but proper assembly is required in order to fix an Apple iPhone on your own.

  • LCD Screen: LCD stands for liquid crystal display, and it is used to create the images that you see on your iPhone. If the screen is still emitting light but appears to be solid black or white, you may need to order a replacement LCD screen.
  • Digitizer: The thin piece of glass that is attached to the LCD is called a digitizer. This is basically the part of the iPhone 4 that gives it touchscreen capabilities.
  • Glass: This is the protective layer that covers the LCD and digitizer. This is the piece of the iPhone 4 that is the most likely to break, but the touchscreen on the iPhone will still be functional if the LCD and digitizer remain unharmed.
What size LCD should you use as a replacement?

When it is time to order a replacement for your iPhone, searching for the piece by the iPhone's model will allow you to be sure that you are getting the correct size if you are doing the assembly yourself. Some models such as the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s share the same-sized screen, so the screens can be used interchangeably. The iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, and any other Apple device with a screen that is 3.5 inches can be used this way.

How does the display assembly of a touchscreen work?
  • After you have purchased the replacement LCD screen with the digitizer and glass for the touchscreen, you will have to turn off the iPhone 4 and begin to take it apart by removing all of the screws.
  • Your iPhone 4 will have more screws beneath its battery. Be sure to remove the screws from under the battery before attempting to remove the original screen.
  • Once the phone is free of screws, you can gently lift the touchscreen and remove it from the phone.
  • Your replacement items can be placed in the exact same position on the iPhone 4.
  • Once the screen is in place, you will need to reassemble the phone and place all of the necessary screws in the correct places under the battery and in the exterior screw holes.
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