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LCD Projectors

LCD Projectors are a convenient option for those who want to enjoy different forms of entertainment with friends and family on a big screen. Many people use them indoors for their home theaters, outdoors for parties and movie showings, and in classrooms for presentations. Before making a purchase, it’s important to know which type of projector is the best fit for your needs.

How does an LCD projector work?

Instead of using a strip of film to show an image, LCD projectors shine a beam of high-intensity light through three LCDs of shifting pixels. The images of these three LCDs are redirected through a prism that projects a larger image onto the surface of choice.

What is the throw distance for a projector?

A projector’s throw distance measures how far the lens of the projector is from the surface onto which the videos are being projected. Depending on the size of the room, where you position the projector will determine how large the videos will appear on the wall. You can read your projector's manual to figure out the exact throw distance for your viewing pleasure.

How many lumens are necessary?

For an indoor home theater, you’ll only need around 1,000 to 2,000 lumens for a crisp image with enough brightness. For outdoor use, about 3,000 lumens should be enough for a 12’x7’ screen. A larger screen outdoors will require more brightness, so a high amount of lumens would be necessary.

What are the different types of projectors?

Some projectors are meant to be mounted overhead, some positioned on a table, so you'll need to consider how high or low it should be placed. In terms of how they are mechanized, here are the different types:

  • DLP Projectors (Digital Light Processing): A DLP projector directs the light in an image through mirrors.
  • LCD (Liquid Crystal Display): LCD Projectors illuminate through different LCD panels instead of reflecting like the DLP projectors.
  • LED (Light-Emitting Diode): These use LED lamps to project the images. This focuses more on how the images are illuminated rather than how they're projected, like the DLP models.

What is a multimedia projector?

Multimedia projectors are very small and compact. They can produce high-resolution images and can easily be connected to other devices, like computers, Blu-ray players, and external hard drives.

What is the history of the LCD projector?

Gene Dolgoff began working on his first LCD projector in 1968, while he was in college, after the DLP version had already been invented. He began using the liquid crystal in 1971, but he didn’t complete his projector until 1984, when he finally mastered the LCD display.

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