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Getting Things Done with a Kyocera All-in-One Printer

From school to the office to personal use, a Kyocera all-in-one printer boasts a wide variety of functions that provide solutions for your home or office. You won’t have to invest in multiple machines in order to stay ahead with printing, scanning, and more. Simply consider the features and tasks you or your business requires to complete, and you can find the model that serves you best.

What should an all-in-one printer be able to do?

A standard all-in-one printer will let you print, scan, fax, and copy. They’re also called multifunction printers for this reason, and some models offer even more options for getting paper-related work done. While they function similarly to regular printers, scanners, and copy machines, they incorporate the technology of each to streamline whatever processes you undergo.

What kinds of all-in-one printers are there?

While you’ll find the four above features to be common in most all-in-ones, some have added traits that can further streamline your workload. Some are listed below.

  • Wireless: Many printers can connect to a network and allow computers to access them without needing a physical link. Among those are units that don’t even require a computer, letting you use USB and online storage to manipulate your files.
  • Printer type: Depending on whether you have a lot of color photo or text printing to complete, you should be able to choose from inkjet or laser printers to suit your needs.
  • High-speed: If you anticipate large or constant printing jobs, it’s worth looking into a printer that can process many sheets at a time.
  • Scanner type: Different scanners exist for people needing to scan multiple documents at a time, high-definition photos, unusually-shaped documents, and the like. Many options will allow you to scan different types of documents.
How do you care for an all-in-one?

To care for the machine, you should tend to its parts.

  • Printer: As with any printer, you should keep your Kyocera all-in-one jam-free and stocked with ink; also, take care to clean the printer heads and keep the entire machine clear of dust and debris. As with any machine, it’s also important for it to be dry, clean, and turned off when performing maintenance.
  • Scanner and copied: As for the scanner and copier, keeping them clean will keep most problems at bay. This includes all the inner parts as well as the outside of the entire machine, but it shouldn’t take long or be complicated. A small amount of electronics cleaner or denatured alcohol and a soft cloth will be enough to start.
  • Fax machine: If your all-in-one has a fax function, cleaning it is one part of maintenance; making sure the receiver works is another. You can test this by having someone call the number to see if it picks up. Attempting to send a fax or creating a copy may also illuminate any issues this part of the machine is giving you.
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