KX-TGA450B Handsets and Accessories for Simple Landline Connectivity

If you're looking for the right way to keep every room in your home or office connected to your landline, you might want to invest in some of the KX-TGA450B handsets in this eBay collection. It's easy to find a variety of new and used handsets on eBay to fit your needs. Here are some examples of the types of questions that you should ask as you pick out a phone to bring home.

What types of products are offered in this collection?

Here are some affordable products that you can expect to find in this eBay collection:

  • Handsets: KX-TGA450B phones are cordless, and they are relatively small, which makes it easy to carry these handsets around. They have light-up numerical buttons, "call" and "end" buttons, and they even feature simple LCD displays that can display your saved numbers and caller ID information. These handsets even have a speaker phone option that you can use to talk on the phone hands-free.
  • Bases: You can plug your KX-TGA450B handsets into these bases when they are not in use. These base units are relatively small, and they are equipped with AC-to-DC adapters that you can plug into any 120V or 110V AC wall outlet. These parts charge your handsets between calls.
  • Batteries: Each KX-TGA450B contains a single rechargeable battery. These batteries are charged while the handset is in its base, but they lose charge capacity over time. If you find that your handset won't hold a charge, you can replace its rechargeable battery with a fresh unit.
Can you attach a KX-TGA450B handset to your belt?

Yes, there is an accessory that allows you to connect your KX-TGA450B handset to your belt. These belt clips consist of small cradles and loops that help you keep your phone flush to your hip, and it's easy to slip your phone out of its belt clip when you receive a call. Keep in mind that these accessories only provide a place for you to carry your phone around with you, and they do not charge your handset.

How do you pick the right KX-TGA450B handset?

When selecting one of these handsets on eBay, consider the number of people who will be using them. If you only have a few people in your home, you might only need one or two handsets. However, if you're purchasing a KX-TGA450B for a commercial environment, you might want to have five or more handsets dispersed throughout your facility.

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