The Kubota Company manufactures tractor and heavy equipment for a variety of uses including residential lawn care, landscaping, agricultural, and industrial construction and excavation. The company was founded originally in 1890 in Osaka, Japan dealing with foundry and ironwork including pipes, valves, pumps, and cast metal, before later moving into tractor and heavy machine production. Their products include lawn mowers, tractors, utility vehicles, backhoes, excavators, harvesters, and their own line of gas and diesel engines.

What are some of the tractors and equipment Kubota offers?

Kubota tractors have a multitude of uses depending on what accessories they are affixed with. There are plows, backhoes, carts, buckets, spreaders, snow blowers, and a host of other attachments that give true versatility to the task at hand. Here are a few of the models of Kubota machines that are available.

  • BX1880/BX2380/BX2680 - This series of Kubota tractors feature low profile Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS). They have tilt steering, adjustable seat, ergonomically set switches and levers, and an optionally heated cab cover all to increase the comfort of the operator. Kubota has implemented a four-point universal hitch system for these tractors that lets customers mount whichever piece of equipment they may need without having to make adjustments in mounting hardware. The BX series machine comes with a liquid-cooled 3-cylinder diesel engine ranging from 18 HP to 23 HP, a Hydrostatic Transmission high-low 2 speed with reverse, 4WD, and wet disc brakes.
  • T1880 / T2080 / T2380 - These Kubota lawn mowers are designed to be a comfortable and convenient option for customers who need a piece of equipment to keep the lawn trimmed. They feature a flat operator’s platform with ample leg room, a high-backed adjustable vinyl seat with spring-loaded shocks, and ergonomically designed controls including the mower deck lift lever. The Kubota T-series tractors use an overhead valve (OHV) air-cooled two-cylinder engine ranging from 18 HP to 22 HP, 12 V electric ignition, 3.6-gallon fuel tank, variable speed HST, disc brakes, and a 42-inch to 48-inch mower deck. They can be accessorized with a quick-attach grass catcher.
  • RTV400CI/RTV500 - These models come standard with a manual lift cargo bed that can haul 441 pounds of dirt, gravel, or other materials, and can be upgraded with an electrically powered piston. These utility vehicles are 54 inches wide and designed that way to fit into the back of a pickup truck for transportation purposes. The 400CI comes with a single cylinder, air-cooled, gasoline engine that pushes out 16 HP at 4500 RPM. The 500 has a dual cylinder, liquid cooled gas engine that generates 15.8 HP and 3600 RPM. Both models come with a 5.2-gallon fuel tank, a top speed of 25 MPH, come in 4WD with 2WD switch, have a high-low gear range, and dry disc brakes.
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