Choosing the Right Knitting Needles For Your Project

Knitting is a fun pastime that anyone can learn to do at any age. With so many knitting needles on the market, choosing the right ones for the project you plan to make is important. eBay offers a wide selection of extra-long knitting needles and much more to help you complete your next scarf, sweater, hat, or decorative project.

Choose the right size of knitting needles

Knitting needles are available in a variety of sizes. The size of the needles indicates how thick the needles are. There are a few ways to determine the size of needles you need. You can look at the pattern for the project you want to make, and it should indicate what size needle you need to use. You can also look at the label for the yarn for a number such as 8, which would indicate that you need size 8 knitting needles. You can also use a knitting needle gauge device to determine if you need to use 50-centimetre knitting needles, size 25mm knitting needles, or another needle size.

What type of knitting needle should you use?

Knitting needles can have many different designs, and the style you use can greatly impact the final outcome of the project you create.

  • Circular needles - These are ideal when you're creating items in the round. Circular needles have a wire between the needles that makes it easier to create hats, sweaters, and scarves.
  • Straight needles - Extra-long straight knitting needles are ideal for creating items that are straight, such as blankets, towels, or long scarves. The needles have balls or caps on their ends that keep the stitches from falling off the edges of the needles as you knit.
  • Double-pointed needles - These are ideal for creating small items in the round, such as mittens, gloves, or socks. Both sides of extra-long knitting needles have a point so that the ends of the stitches can easily slide off the ends of the needles as needed to make creating the rounds easier.
Selecting the right material for your needles

Knitting needles can be constructed from many different materials. Your choice of needle material can affect the outcome of your project.

  • Metal or aluminium needles - Ideal for experienced knitters, the yarn slides easily off the long, straight knitting needles to make knitting quickly a breeze.
  • Wooden needles - Ideal for those who are just starting to knit, the rough surface of the needles keeps yarn from sliding easily off the needles, which can prevent you from dropping stitches. It can take longer to knit with these, so you may eventually want to try a different set of needles once you get the hang of knitting.
  • Plastic needles - These are very similar to metal needles but cost significantly less. The low cost makes it easy to buy knitting needles UK on a budget.
  • Bamboo needles - These are similar to wooden needles but are often more affordable, making them ideal for knitters with any budget.