Everything You Need to Know Before Selecting a Klipsch RF Speaker

Whether you enjoy playing video games or jamming out to your favorite tunes, the quality of sound you hear is highly essential. Klipsch features many different types of speakers designed to fit your style and sound preference. On eBay, there are many types of Klipsch RF speakers to choose from, which is why it is critical that you find one that is suited for your needs.

What types of Klipsch RF speakers are there?

Klipsch designs aesthetically pleasing speakers with optimal audio performances so that you find one that is right for you. The types of Klipsch RF speakers include:

  • Klipsch RF-7 Mark III Reference Tower Speakers - This RF-7 speaker is available in cherry and walnut. It features a titanium compression driver and 90x90 compressed molded-rubber Tractrix horn for stable sounds along with cast basket Cerametallic woofers.
  • Klipsch RF-82 II Reference Floor Standing Speakers - The RF-82 speaker is available in black ash. It features dual 8-inch woofers which provide superior sound, bass, and minimum sonic distortion.
  • Klipsch RF-3 Reference Floor Standing Speakers - The RF-3 speaker is available in black. It features both a tweeter driver and woofer driver for optimal bass and sound.
  • Klipsch RF-52 Reference Floor Standing Speakers - The RF-52 speaker is available in a black wood grain finish. It features dual woofers so that there is minimal sound distortion along with a horn-loaded tweeter.
What devices are compatible with Klipsch RF speakers?

Klipsch RF speakers are compatible with just about any sound-producing device. For instance, you could connect your Klipsch RF speakers to your computer if you enjoy playing computer games at full volume. You could also set up your Klipsch speakers to your TV to watch a movie, play video games, or listen to music.

How do you find the right Klipsch RF speaker?

When determining which Klipsch speaker is right for you, it is essential to figure out what you intend to use it for such as listening to music or playing video games. RF speakers offer different size dual woofers that can provide more sound. If you are someone who enjoys listening to audio loudly, you may want to opt for larger woofers. You also want to figure out how much space you will be working with as some RF speakers take up more space than others. If you live in a small area, you may want to opt for a speaker that is smaller than the rest. Many affordable options are available on eBay.

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