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Frequently Asked Questions About Klipsch Center Channel Speakers

Whether you are getting ready to watch the big game or have a family movie night, center channel speakers are one method of achieving high performance and cinema-quality sound. Klipsch speakers have aluminum tweeters and linear travel suspension (LTS). Spun copper IMG woofers and the Tractrix system work with an aluminum tweeter to create the sound.

Where do you install these speakers?

If you want the speaker in an elevated location, try placing it on a shelf. The shelf should be built to carry the weight of the speaker and should also be large enough for the speaker to sit on comfortably. There are four rubber pads under the corners of the speaker to prevent scratches and vibration. They can also be put on a media stand or home theater center, but they can't be wall-mounted.

Where should the speaker be located for optimum sound?

There are several locations you can place the center channel speaker for performance.

  • Directly below the television: The speaker can be placed in a cabinet or shelf.
  • In a corner close to the television: The speakers should point towards ear/face level from the seating positions in the room.
  • Next to the television: Set speakers close to the TV.
How do you connect the speakers to a TV?

To connect the Klipsch center channel speaker, you will need to connect it to an amplifier or an audio receiver that is linked to the television. You will need 12- to 16-gauge speaker wires, which should be appropriately connected to both the amplifier or receiver and the Klipsch to avoid distorted, thin, or low-quality sound. Be sure to unplug the electronic devices when connecting them.

How do you clean the speakers?

The Klipsch speakers have a fabric grille cover that can be cleaned regularly to avoid dust or dirt buildup. Some models feature a removable grille. Be sure to unplug the speaker from the power source before beginning the cleaning process. Follow the manufacturer's instructions and do not wash the covers with water.

  • Step 1: Wipe the exterior with a clean microfiber cloth.
  • Step 2: Gently vacuum the grille to remove any remaining dust.
  • Step 3: Using a compressed air canister, blow out remaining dust trapped in the smaller grooves.
Can the Klipsch center channel speaker be used alone?

Yes. While the center channel speaker was designed to work with a surround system setup, it can also operate solo as a single device. Klipsch center channel speaker models include the RP-450CA, R-25C, KC-25, G-12, G-16, and G-28. These types of speakers are not self-powered, so they will need to be connected to a proper TV, amplifier, or receiver.

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