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Choosing Channel Speakers for Your Sound System

A known audio brand, Klipsch designs and produces sound equipment. Their center channel systems are what hold and entire entertainment system together. Dialogue is what comes through these speakers, and to have the clearest and most life-like experience, this equipment delivers.

What Are the Types of Center Channel Speakers?

  • RC-64 III. These speakers were their original, tried and true channel speakers that provide amazing cinema-quality sound. The RC-64 III speakers have 6.5-inch cast basket cerametallic woofers, an upgraded titanium driver, a redesigned bifurcated cabinet, and a 90 by 90 compressed molded rubber Tractrix horn.
  • Reference Premiere Dolby Atmos Center Speakers. Made to complement their floorstanding speakers, these speakers utilize Dolby Atmos technology to produce unrivaled, pitch perfect sound. They have a one-inch linear travel suspension titanium tweeter and four 5.25-inch spun copper cerametallic cone woofers.
  • Reference Premiere Piano Black. This limited-edition series offers three different sizes: RP-450C, RP-440C, and RP-250C. Both the RP-450C and RP-440C have excellent acoustics and come in the special piano black finish, however the RP-440C is slightly smaller with smaller woofers. The RP-250C is much smaller as it only has two woofers but has the ability to provide movie theater sound quality and fit easily into your home theater space.
  • Reference Premiere Center Channel Speakers. This series also has three different sizes featured, the RP-450C, RP-440C, and RP-250C. These are essentially the same speakers as special edition piano black, however they do not come in that limited finish.
  • Reference Center Channel Speakers. A paired down version of their Reference II series, these speakers use the same design and acoustic engineering to produce a quality sound experience. These come with only two woofers in a compact cabinet, easy to fit into your entertainment space.
  • Gallery Center Speakers. With professional grade audio technology and movie theater sound, these speakers deliver a powerful listening experience with every use. There are three types of speakers: the G-28, G-16, and G-12. The G-28 has one one-inch tweeter, two 3.5-inch woofers, and four 3.5-inch radiators. The G-16 has one one-inch tweeter and two 3.5 woofers. The G-12 has one one-inch tweeter and one 3.5-inch woofer.

What Are the Benefits to Having Channel Speakers?

  • Movie-theater experience. These speakers can round out a complete surround system. They not only enhance the voice and vocals of your entertainment, but they add to the overall effect.
  • Localized sound. Because of the way in which these work, they localize and serve as an anchor for voice or vocals of your viewing entertainment.
  • Volume independence. You can independently control the volume to amplify the voice or vocals when needed.

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