Enjoy Gaming and Rock and Roll With the Purchase of a Kiss Pinball Machine for Sale

The iconic rock band Kiss is known for its signature black and white makeup as well as several hit songs. The band also released a plethora of merchandise, including two different pinball machines. While you shop for an affordable Kiss pinball machine price, learn about the differences between the two machines, unique features, and different elements of the arcade collectibles.

Differences between the Stern and Bally Kiss pinball machines

Over the years, Kiss has had two official pinball machine releases. The first came from the company Bally, and the second came from the company Stern. When you purchase a vintage Kiss pinball machine on eBay, knowing the differences between the two machines will help you determine which one you want to purchase. The newer Stern machine features an LCD screen with graphics and interactive scores. The original Bally Kiss pinball features four scoring modules with lights for scores. The original machine also has bumpers in the center of the table with graphics of each Kiss band member on them. The Stern table features the same bumpers, but they are located to the left. The biggest difference is the large interactive statues of Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley in the middle of the table. Simmons head sculpt features his iconic tongue hanging out from his mouth.

What features were added to the original Kiss pinball machine?

When the original Kiss pinball machine was first released in the late 1970s, it was during the height of pinball fandom. The machine itself has a number of unique features that helped it stand out, and the electronics allows the pinball machine to still work and operate when purchased. As you shop for the original Bally design, there are a number of features of the pinball machine to look for. The left side of the game board features four targets that pop up and down when they are hit by the balls. There are numerous light-up games built into the table, including the Kiss flippers and the ability to spell the band name "Kiss" while you play. The pinball machine also features original music and sound effects taken directly from the band.

Quarter input functions on the Kiss Pinball

Both the Bally and Stern Kiss pinball machines feature quarter inputs on the front. As you shop for the arcade devices, look to see that the quarter input is still in working condition. The Bally machine features three quarter input holes while the Stern machine features two. If the quarter function does not work in the machine, you may find a more affordable price and can still operate the machine and activate the credits options for free pinball games.

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