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Kindle Fire HD Chargers and Cables

Amazon offered its first Kindle in 2007, and since then, consumers have purchased accessories, charging devices, and cables for many of the Kindle readers and tablets available. For Fire owners, Kindle Fire HD chargers and cords are necessary to keep the tablet in working order.

What charging devices are available for Kindle Fire HD?
  • Car: This charging device has an output voltage of 5V 2A; input voltage of DC 12V and comes with micro USB. The power supply has an LED indicator to let you know when it is charging. It also features overvoltage protection and overheat protection.
  • Wall: The wall adapter weighs 0.150 pounds and is used with a sync cord to charge your Fire. If you have an inverter for your car, you can also use the wall adapter in your vehicle.
  • Syncing:The sync cord is used for charging and syncing data such as phone book contacts, email, and appointments. It can be used with the wall adapter, car charger, and with your computer.
Can a Fire HD charger sync content?

A cord for the tablet is used to sync content between your device and your computer. If all you have is the cord and not an adapter, you can also charge your tablet by plugging the micro USB end into your device and plugging the standard USB end into the wall unit. By syncing your tablet content to your computer, you will free up more space on your reader to hold music, videos, and photographs.

How do you choose a Fire HD charger or cable?

Make sure the accessories you are looking at are specific to your model. Not all power supplies and cords are interchangeable. Once you find the one that fits your device, look at the length of the cord. Most of these are available in lengths that range from 3 feet to 15 feet long.

Not all micro USB cables are the same. Some have a rather flat end, while the ones that fit the Kindle are slightly rounded. Amazon doesn’t manufacture all the accessories and cords that are available to use with your device. Some items come with more than one type of charging apparatus; for example, there is a wall unit, charging cord, and car-charging unit available in one package. Whether you shop for one or more items, make sure your device is specifically named as one that your accessories fit.

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