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Keyless Entry Remotes/Fobs for the Pontiac Grand Prix

A keyless entry remote is a convenient way to unlock your Pontiac Grand Prix without the key. Each time you push a button on the device, it sends a signal to your door lock, disengaging it wirelessly. When you break or lose the original key fob, a replacement remote enables you to continue using the key-free entry system.

What is a keyless entry fob?

A keyless entry fob is a remote control for your car’s lock system which enables you to enter the vehicle without using the key. The key fob is the remote itself, and this small device usually comes attached to a key ring. Some key fobs come with corresponding transponder keys for extra ignition control.

How can you program a keyless entry remote?

The programming process varies depending on the year and trim level of your Grand Prix. For some older cars, programming keyless entry with a replacement for your key requires you to perform a series of button pushes, key turns in the ignition, and door openings. Other models include the removal and re-insertion of a specific fuse. Some remotes, particularly those that connect to cars with remote start functions, require you to visit a dealership or a professional locksmith for keyless entry programming.

What are some common Pontiac Grand Prix key fob buttons?

Most keyless entry remotes for the Pontiac Grand Prix feature four or five buttons, usually to handle the functions listed below.

  • Lock: Locks the car doors
  • Unlock: Unlocks the car doors
  • Panic: Activates the alarm on the car for safety purposes
  • Trunk: Releases the trunk latch for easier opening without using the key
  • Remote Start: This button is compatible only with Grand Prix models that have the remote start function, and it does just what the name implies - it starts the car before you get in it.
What parts are available for Pontiac Grand Prix keyless remotes?

If you don’t want a complete replacement for your key fob, you can purchase replacement parts to return the keyless entry system to full operation. Most parts of the unit are available, including the outer shell, the remote transmitter, and the battery.

How can you choose keyless remotes for Pontiac Grand Prix?

Your choice of key fob depends on your Grand Prix’s model year and trim level. Narrow down the wide variety of available options with these convenient steps.

  • Choose button options: Select from four-button and five-button key fobs
  • Select key options: Choose a key fob with or without a transponder key
  • Select a style: Key fobs come in a variety of shapes, including oval, teardrop, and rectangular
  • Choose a type: OEM and aftermarket remotes are available
  • Verify part compatibility: Verify that the replacement keyless entry remote is compatible with your Grand Prix’s year and trim style