Keyless Entry Remotes and Fobs for Chevrolet Cruze

Having a keyless entry remote, or key fob, is one of the most useful advancements of recent cars. Utilizing such a remote to gain access to your car rather than having to insert a key can save time and effort. As with any part, there may come a time when you need to order a replacement or an additional remote.

Are keyless remotes interchangeable?

Each key fob is programmed for a specific keyless entry setup. This is so that someone trying to get into a Ford cannot break into your Chevrolet and vice versa. Similarly, other vehicles of the same make and model that have a key fob will not open your vehicle as their keyless remote is not programmed to your cars keyless entry system. The programming for each vehicle is unique to only allow entry into one specific car. You will need to check your FCC code to see which key fob will function with your specific model.

Is programming a keyless entry remote difficult?

Every key fob comes with directions for how to program the remote to unlock the car wirelessly. The process is not difficult, and it should only take a few minutes to set up your keyless entry remote to match your system. Though not all instructions will match these exactly, programming any key fob or keyless entry remote will involve similar actions. Be sure that any part you remove from your vehicle while following such directions is replaced exactly so that your new key will operate your vehicle correctly. To program a new or replacement remote for a Chevrolet Cruze keyless entry, follow these steps:

  1. After making sure the engine is turned off, remove the trim near the accessory power outlet to gain access to the transmitter slot.
  2. Insert the blade of the recognized key remote into the slot and put the unrecognized keyless entry remote key blade into the door lock outside the drivers side door. Then, turn in the unlock direction five times in 10 seconds.
  3. Remove the new fob and place its key blade into the transmitter in place of the new key.
  4. Press the ignition button and remove the key. Then, press unlock.

To determine what type of system your keyless entry remote will work with, it is necessary to check your vehicles manufacturer. Many types of remotes can work with a number of systems, allowing you to choose from a selection for your replacement remote.