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Cadillac DTS Car Truck Keyless Entry Remote Fobs

Cadillac is known for being ahead of the game when it comes to new technology. From highly optimized anti-lock braking systems to extra airbags to award-winning reinforced frames, this is a company known for turning technology into safety. Cadillac also offers the keyless entry remote fob for its DTS, making your vehicle burglar-resistant so that the inside of your vehicle is just as safe as the outside.

What is a keyless entry remote fob?

A keyless entry remote fob is much like a traditional key fob. The difference is in how you use the key to get into and then start your vehicle. A traditional key fob has a button you can press to reveal a key top to start your car. Keyless entry remote is one large key.

How does a key fob start a car?

Even though these remotes don't have keys on them, they can still start a car. In some vehicles, there is a button near the dashboard you can press to start the car once you are inside and the door is closed. In other vehicles, there is a small slot near the ignition where you insert the remote as though it were a key.

What is the advantage to this kind of key fob?

With a keyless entry remote fob, the ability to open the door to your vehicle is all electronic, meaning there is no lock for a potential burglar to pick, making your car much safer. Also, if you don't need to use a key to open your car door, the paint will not get scratched, and your DTS will look much nicer.

Does this key fob need any programming to work?

No. The creators of the DTS want their technology to be accessible to all of their customers. Therefore, they are responsible for programming your key fob to your vehicle. However, there are some replacement versions of this remote that you can program if that is the kind of thing you enjoy. This way, you have a choice: you can focus on driving your new vehicle and not have to worry about programming anything or try programming your remote to your heart's content.

Are these kinds of remotes standard with the DTS?

Because the creators of the DTS believe you should decide on the technology you use, the DTS is available with the option of a remote or a traditional key fob.