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Kia Sorrento Key Blanks

The Kia Sorento is an SUV that was first created as a mid-size model, but Kia switched the design to a mid-size crossover SUV to create a more streamlined system for each trim model of the Sorento. When you purchase a Kia, you may not get more than one copy of the key, which means that if you happen to misplace it or lose it completely, you will not have a way to start the motor of your vehicle. With a variety of key blanks for Kia Sorento, you can get a duplicate key made for your Kia.

What is a key blank?

A key blank is basically a key that has not been cut to fit into the ignition of your car. Blanks are made in different sizes, so when you are looking to get a duplicate made to start the engine of your vehicle, you will need to make sure that it is the appropriate size for your make and model. Once you find the one that you need for your Kia, you will also need to have it programmed so that it responds with the electronics in your car.

Who can cut a key blank for your Kia Sorento?

The key for a Kia Sorento is typically very similar to other Kia models, especially if it is simply a difference in the trim like with the Kia Sorento LX or the Kia Sorento EX. As long as you have the original key, any locksmith who deals with automobiles can create a duplicate for you, as long as they have the appropriate blank on hand. If you have lost the original altogether, then you may need to replace the lock cylinders which will also provide you with a new key.

Can you get a key cut with keyless-entry features?

Most aftermarket key fobs that you get for a Kia Sorento can be designed with a keyless-entry system that allows you to quickly get into your vehicle when you need. This makes it convenient to unlock the door of your vehicle when your hands are full as well as easily relock and enable the alarm when you reach your destination. With the Kia Sorento and most other Kia models, you will be able to find a duplicate that has these features directly on the key blank or on a separate fob that you can attach to your keychain.

What are some features of aftermarket key fobs?

Most aftermarket fobs for the Kia Sorento and other Kias will have a way to lock and unlock the doors, a panic mode in case of an emergency, and a button to pop open the trunk. Some aftermarket models are even designed with hidden features that open the windows as well, which can be convenient on a hot day.