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Honda Civic Key Blanks

Few situations in life are as terrifying as losing your car keys. While replacement Honda Civic keys aren’t difficult to acquire, you'll want to choose a blank key that works with your car.

What is a Honda Civic blank key made of?

Regardless of its ultimate purpose, every Civic key starts off as a blank. While its shape is familiar, until cut for your Honda, it’s simply a thin strip of metal. There are three primary metals used when creating these lifesaving devices.

  • Solid brass: In general, this is what most blanks are made of, which means it's a good choice for your Honda.
  • Nickel-plated brass: This two-layered design features a solid brass core encased in nickel. While not as durable as the aforementioned material, it offers a pleasant silver appearance.
  • Nickel-silver brass: Out of all materials, this is the strongest. It is considerably more durable than brass. If your Civic key is thinner than average, this material is the ideal option.
Are blanks available for a Honda Civic remote fob?

While more advanced than a non-remote key, blank fobs are available. Selecting an appropriate remote key is determined by your vehicle's remote access system. There are three primary fob blank designs compatible with most Honda models.

  • Transponder: Outfitted with a chip that transmits and receives a signal when inserted into your vehicle's ignition slot, it’s manufactured specifically for your Honda. This prevents theft by only responding to signals sent from your device.
  • Electronic remote: Rather than using a non-battery-operated chip, this design uses batteries to power its security features. Like the transponder, when inserted into your ignition, it transmits a signal unique to your Civic.
  • Vehicle anti-theft system: This design only applies for a Honda with a built-in security system. The remote head typically features a red button, which controls the internal car alarm. For security purposes, VATS fobs only work with your specific car and requires programming.
Where do you get a Honda Civic key made?

Cutting a new key depends on its type and features. For example, the process for a keyless remote is more involved than a standard Civic key. While the process varies based on your specific make and model, in general, there are a couple of options:

  • Local locksmith: For non-remote operated devices, your local locksmith is a solid choice. These professionals can travel to your location and are equipped to take the necessary actions to get you back on the road.
  • Dealership: Remote keys require additional security to create. If your Honda key uses electronics, programming is typically done by an authorized dealer.