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Ford F-150 Key Blanks

Key blanks for an F-150 are necessary in order to obtain a new or replacement key for your Ford truck. You can buy them with or without a transponder chip for keyless entry. Once a blank is purchased, you will need to get it cut for your particular vehicle.

What are key blanks?

Key blanks are keys that have not yet been cut. Once cut to fit your particular vehicle, regardless if you have a normal gasoline engine or a diesel engine, or a car or a truck, will go into the locks and ignition of your vehicle. These keys do not yet have the ridges which distinguish the particular Ford car or truck lock that they will fit. They are completely blank, allowing them to be cut by the owner to ensure that they work with a specific truck.

How is a key blank cut?

A Ford key blank is cut by using a special machine. In most instances, a key that is already cut for the specified lock will be used as the template. The metal is then ground and buffed to ensure that it is an exact match. There are locksmiths and self-service machines that can help with this process. Additionally, if you do not already have a template, or if you have lost or misplaced your original key, it might be necessary to change out the entire lock cylinder in the Ford F-150.

Why are key blanks needed?

Ford key blanks are needed for many cars and trucks for a variety of reasons. Two keys are often provided at the time of purchase. After that, more keys might be needed in the following cases:

  • You want to give a key to another driver of the Ford F-150.
  • You would like a spare key to your Ford F-150 kept inside of a home or business.
  • You lost or misplaced the key to your Ford F-150.
What are various features?

There are all sorts of different features available in Ford key blanks. These will provide you with a more appropriate key for your Ford's needs.

  • Plastic covering on the bow.
  • Keyless entry fob (if the feature is present in the F-150).
  • Remote start button (if the feature is present).
  • Ford logo
What should you know before acquiring key blanks?

It is important to buy the right keys for your Ford. There are a few details to explore to ensure you get a good fit for your F-150.

  • Model year: Review the model year to ensure the key is the right size and shape.
  • Quantity: Determine how many blanks you need to have.
  • Features: Decide on the features you want to have.
  • OEM vs. aftermarket: Determine if you want an OEM part or if you would rather have an aftermarket product to obtain a different look or feature.