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Chrysler Sebring Key Blanks

There are many key blanks for the Chrysler Sebring whether it be a sedan or a convertible. There are blanks featuring unprogrammed chips, regular blanks, and remote-entry key fobs for the Chrysler Sebring. Getting a key blank for your Sebring is the first step to replacing a lost or missing key.

What is a Chrysler Sebring key blank used for?

A Chrysler Sebring key blank is sometimes just a specially shaped piece of metal that serves as a starting point for key duplication. A key maker will cut and trim the metal of the key blank and turn it into a new key for your Chrysler. Key makers can either work to duplicate an existing copy or can re-key your Convertible or standard Sebring by hand. You may find the following information useful when choosing a key blanks:

  • Any copied key will work to open your Chrysler trunk or doors; however, not all copies can turn on your Sebring's engine. Some keys require special chips in order to turn on the engine.
  • Chipped keys can only be reprogrammed at authorized Chrysler dealers.
  • Blanks are universal for both standard Chrysler models as well as the Convertible.
How do you choose a Chrysler Sebring key blank?

There are many key blanks for many models of Chrysler and Chrysler Sebring. Before purchasing a new blank, make sure its size and shape match that of the key that came with your Chrysler Sebring or Chrysler vehicle. Unlike other car parts, key blanks are interchangeable across car models. For example, both convertible and sedan versions of the Chrysler Sebring use similar locks. This means unlocking doors and turning on the engine does not require specialized hardware between sedan and convertible models. This is also true for the Sebring LX and the Sebring LX convertible.

Are there custom key blanks for the Chrysler Sebring?

Many Chrysler owners like to add an element of customization to their convertible or sedan. A subtle way to customize your vehicle is with a fun custom key blank. Sometimes there are specialty blanks that feature theming from various brands or styles. These are often the perfect addition of flair for a Chrysler Convertible.

How do you identify Chrysler key blanks?

Blanks can be identified by their size, shape, and markings. Chrysler blanks, such as those for the Chrysler Sebring, often display the Chrysler logo on the handle. However, the appearance of blanks often does not differ from vehicle to vehicle, especially if they are both Chrysler Sebring cars. Whether you drive a Convertible or a standard Chrysler, your key should look similar.