Strength Training at Home With Kettlebells

We all know exercise is important, but getting to the gym to workout each day can be an expensive hassle. From the time to get to the gym to the membership fees to the awkward feeling of working out with strangers, working out at the gym is a challenge. Skip the gym, and get a great workout from home with a set of used kettlebells.

What workouts are kettlebells used for?

The primary benefit of kettlebells is their extreme versatility. Thanks to their gentle grip and smooth exterior, kettlebells can provide a well-rounded, full body workout. Tone your body through strength training with a set of used kettlebells for sale. Add a kettlebell into your cardio routine to increase weight loss. Improve joint health by using kettlebells in your yoga or flexibility exercises. The uses are truly limitless.

Are there different kinds of kettlebells?

The classic kettlebell design involved a solid weight, typically cast iron, formed in the shape of a kettle or cannonball. Contemporary designs encase the weight in a soft material for easy handling. The weight inside is often either cast iron, steel or concrete encased in either vinyl or rubber.

Any of these encased designs will be gentle on your body and your workout space. The most important factor is choosing the proper weight for your training needs.

Benefits of kettlebells versus dumbbells

Kettlebells and dumbells are the most common choices for at-home free weights. Both designs can provide a full body workout. There are some benefits to buying a kettlebell on eBay over a dumbbell, including:

  • High grip variety with the rounded handle
  • Softer exterior, gentle on your workout space
  • Ideal for high repetition exercises
  • Uneven balance challenges your core
Should you buy one kettlebell or a whole set?

Kettlebells for sale are often found in sets of two to ten. If you're starting with kettlebells for the first time, investing in a whole set can be overwhelming. However, finding used kettlebells on eBay can make buying a whole set more affordable. With a whole set, you are able to change up the weight for a better strength training workout.

Even a single kettlebell for sale offers a wide variety of strength training opportunities and health benefits. Whether it's with a single used kettlebell for sale or a whole set of used kettlebells, these tools can get you started a journey towards a healthier you.