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All About Ketron Electric Keyboards

Whether playing at home or on the go, Ketron electric keyboards are a source of quality tone and sound. No matter if you want a keyboard solely for playing, recording or music station synthesization, this keyboard can do it all. With the wide array of options you can find on eBay, you are sure to find something that suits your musical preferences.

Features of Ketron keyboards

Features of this keyboard include:

  • Synthesizer: There are an array of different sounds that mimic a traditional piano along with hundreds of other instruments and tones, including stringed instruments, a choir, brass instruments and more.
  • Recording feature: Record your original compositions on your Ketron and have them saved on your keyboard. You can also upload any compositions you record to your computer through a USB port.
  • Optional stand: The Ketron features an optional stand for use. This option is great for traveling because it folds up and down easily. Just set your keyboard on top of the rubber, non-slip nodules for easy playing.
  • Pedal: Pedals are a vital piece of the professional keyboard and are used to make the sound more full and sustained. The pedal is easily adaptable to your Ketron keyboard. Simply plug the pedal into the back of the device and set it where you like on the floor.
  • Music stand: The keyboard includes a music stand for sheet music so it won't fall or slip off.
Do Ketron keyboards come with built-in speakers?

A vast majority of these keyboards come with built-in speakers. If you find that your keyboard does not include built-in speakers, then you can easily hook up an amplifier to the keyboard. Just plug in an amplifier cord to the correct input plug in the back of the keyboard and adjust the sound, treble, and bass to your liking.

Does the Ketron keyboard include an arranger feature?

Ketron keyboards include an arranger feature that can be viewed on the LED screen on the control panel. This feature allows you to play prearranged songs and recorded original compositions.

Models of Ketron keyboards

Ketron keyboard models include Ketron USA, Ketron sd9, Ketron SD90, Ketron SD40, Ketron SD60, and the Ketron Island. Each comes with its own sets of features that may include synthesizer options, built-in speakers, pedals and stand options, recording features, prearranged and arranger inclusions and an LED screen.

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