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Stay Chill with Kenmore Refrigerators

Kenmore refrigerators are designed to provide storage and refrigeration to keeps foods cold or frozen. They come in a number of sizes and styles to hold all your food and to fit comfortably in your kitchen. You can find a new or preowned Kenmore refrigerator that meets your needs on eBay.

What refrigerator door options does Kenmore offer?
  • French door refrigerators: French door styles have side-by-side doors on top and a freezer on the bottom. Users are eye level with the most frequently used drawers and shelves.
  • Side-by-side refrigerators: Side-by-side options have the freezer on one side and the refrigerator on the other. They are often narrower than other styles.
  • Bottom-freezer refrigerators: Kenmore bottom-freezer refrigerators have a one-door refrigerator on the top and a freezer at the bottom. The bottom-freezer refrigerator layout ensures that the most-used foods are always within arm's reach.
  • Top-freezer refrigerators: This Kenmore style is a classic design with the freezer on the top and the refrigerator on the bottom.
  • Upright freezers: The brand also makes upright freezers, which are designed for families who need extra storage space for frozen foods.
  • Wine cellars: Kenmore's selection of wine cellars provide a temperature-controlled environment for storing wines.
  • Beverage centers: Designed for specialty beverages like wine and beer, Kenmore's beverage centers are great for people who want a dedicated storage space for beverages.
What technologies does Kenmore use in its refrigerators?
  • GeniusCool: Kenmore's GeniusCool technology installs two evaporators in one refrigerator, which creates dual cooling zones. This ensures that these appliances maintain the appropriate level of humidity and temperature.
  • CleanFlow: CleanFlow technology helps to prevent unwanted smells and mold. This air filtration system uses charcoal to maximize freshness.
  • AirTight crisper: Many of these refrigerators are equipped with an AirTight crisper. Because these crispers don't let air in, produce is able to maintain moisture and freshness.
  • Flexible storage: Flexible storage options allow users to adjust slide-away shelves, rearrange drawers, and more.
  • Smart: Kenmore's line of smart refrigerators can connect to an app that lets users track everything from whether they left the door open to if food is too cool.
  • Ice makers and water dispensers: Most of the models are equipped with ice makers and water dispensers.
What sizes and colors can Kenmore refrigerators come in?

If you're looking for a new or pre-owned Kenmore refrigerator, you'll find many options available for purchase on eBay. From bottom-freezer models to French door refrigerators, these appliances come in a variety of sizes. In general, most models range from 19.1 cubic feet to 30.6 cubic feet. See the manufacturer site for details.

Kenmore also offers plenty of classic white refrigeration appliances. Kenmore color families also include:

  • Beige/bisque
  • Black
  • Black stainless
  • Metallic
  • Metallic silver
  • Stainless steel
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