Turn Up the Music With a Pair of KEF Q Series Speakers

Whether you want to create a cinema-quality home theater or add a bit of life to your Saturday nights, the affordable Q series of speakers from KEF will get the job done right. If you want to up your sound system's game, eBay has a large assortment of these speakers available in various styles and conditions.

What models of KEF Q speakers are available?

There are various models of new and preowned KEF Q speakers available on eBay. Below are some of the options that you can find:

  • KEF Q60 SP3136
  • KEF Q300/Q300BL
  • KEF Q350
  • KEF Q400B
  • KEF Q800D
What are the specifications of KEF Q speakers?

Every KEF Q speaker features the manufacturer's compact form factor. Each model has some unique specifications and features, however. The KEF Q300s include a stereo-sound signature with frequencies ranging from 42 Hz to 40,000 Hz. Meanwhile, the Q400B is a subwoofer-style speaker system that is focused on delivering more clearly defined lows and bass. The manufacturer has a style of speaker available for just about everyone, and each can easily fit onto a bookshelf or entertainment center because of their exceptionally compact form factor.

Which sound systems are these speakers compatible with?

The KEF Q line of speakers is designed for broad compatibility and easy pairing with other devices. These aren't limited to your home theater or entertainment center. The speakers can also be paired with video-game consoles, streaming devices, Windows PCs, and Apple hardware. Some of the models available, like the Q350BLs, also support bi-wiring connectivity for true audiophile-grade sound quality. They function as sound systems as well. These speakers offer three-dimensional sound projections that replicate theaters and live concerts with remarkable accuracy. In short, they're a great fit for anyone looking for a new way to experience their favorite songs and media-based experiences.

What customization options are available for these speakers?

These speakers can be purchased in multiple varieties. They have been listed below:

  • Colors: The Q350BL line is available in either black or white. Newer models, like the 800D, offer both black and space-gray finishes.
  • New or refurbished: Speakers can be purchased as brand-new or refurbished. You can even purchase models that have been discontinued by KEF with refurbished listings. The listings themselves will indicate the condition of the items.
  • Drivers: A speaker driver is essentially a conductor for a loudspeaker; it converts electronic audio signals into the music you love. Each listing will include a unique driver option, sometimes even for speakers listed as being the same models as one another.
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