Kate Spade

Kate Spade New York, an American designer brand headquartered in New York, provides a variety of fashion and home improvement items. These include Kate Spade clothing, accessories, home décor, jewelry, fragrance, shoes, and other products, such as desk accessories and stationery. Kate Spade New York also sells a line of Cameron Street products, such as handbags, accessories, and gifts.

What are Kate Spade New York handbags made of?

Kate Spade New York and Cameron Street handbags come in numerous materials that offer various looks and benefits. These materials include wicker baskets, straw totes, and canvas products, made from leather, denim, and other fabrics. Many of these bag varieties also combine these materials and incorporate metal buckles, tabs, straps, and other parts. In addition to genuine leather products, Kate Spade New York also designs faux leather options.

What types of handbags does Kate Spade New York offer?

Kate Spade New York designs and sells many styles of handbags to suit various style preferences and needs. These products come in many sizes, with different pockets and pouches incorporated, and with a range of looks.

  • Satchels: This bag can have a short or long strap and offers a large inner pouch.
  • Shoulder bags: A shoulder bag generally has a short strap that sits on one shoulder. These Kate Spade products range in size, allowing you to find the right option to fit your needs.
  • Totes: Totes are larger bags, providing additional space for the many objects you bring with you in a day.
  • Crossbodies: These products are typically thinner and smaller. The strap is worn over the head and across the body, as the name implies.
  • Diaper bags: As a parent, it can be difficult to carry everything you need for your little one. Each Kate Spade diaper bag provides space for the items you need.
  • Clutches: These small accessories are either carried in the hand or with a strap.
  • Backpacks and travel bags: Kate Spade New York offerings in this category include backpacks, fanny packs, carry-ons, and more.
How do you care for Kate Spade leather products?

The leather from which Kate Spade New York handbags, jackets, shoes, and other clothing is made may require some extra care if you want to keep it in good shape. Clean these items periodically with a damp cloth or specialized leather cream. Avoid getting these products wet, and keep them in a cool, dry place.

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