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What You Should Know Before You Buy a Kangen Filter

Water is the life source of every living being, and the Kangen water filter is designed to take your personal water intake to the next level. This filter can be used in the Kangen water ionization system. It not only filters your water but also alkalizes your water.

What do Kangen water filters do?

These water filters are an affordable way to remove harmful substances from your drinking water. They can also remove bad tastes and smells from your water. When used in the proper water ionizers, these useful devices improve the alkaline level of your water by using electrolysis. Studies indicate that increasing the alkalinity improves both physical and mental health.

Can you use any water filter in a Kangen machine?

No, only certain filters work in water ionizers. The old Kangen machines use HG filters whereas the new machines use HG-N filters. Both types are easy to find on eBay. However, the old filters don't work on the new machines and vice versa.

Always be sure that you're buying the right filter to fit your ionizer. If you're unsure about which filter to buy for your machine, refer to your unit's operational guide. This book should provide the model number of your unit, which you can use to look up the correct filter for it.

How do you change a Kangen filter?

Before attempting to replace your Kangen filter, read the individual operating instructions for your unit. These filters come with their own replacement instructions as well. Just be sure to buy the HG-N filters for the newer Kangen machines. Replace your used water filter by:

  • Step 1: Remove the water filter cover from the front of your Kangen machine.
  • Step 2: Turn the knob on the filter holder clockwise to release the current filter.
  • Step 3: Place the O-rings on the new ionizer filter, and put it firmly back into the Kangen machine.
  • Step 4: Replace the holder knob, and twist it counterclockwise to lock it into place.
How often should you replace the Kangen machine filter?

All filters for water ionizers have different life spans. In general, you should replace the filter in your Kangen machine at least once a year. You may have to replace the filter more often if your machine receives heavy use. Once again, refer to your operational guide for a more accurate filter replacement timeline.

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