Navigating With KX155 NAV/COMs

With a NAV/COM radio, you get both a navigation receiver and a communication transceiver in one handy unit, and it's generally less expensive than purchasing both a NAV and a COM radio. The KX155 NAV/COM is a reliable and durable tool for guiding your trip. eBay has a wide selection of new and preowned KX155 NAV/COM radios for sale.

What features come with KX155 NAV/COM radios?

There are quite a few important features that KX155 NAV/COM radios are equipped with, including the following:

  • Backlighting - On some of the newer models, you get a backlit bezel nomenclature and knobs for easier viewing and operation.
  • Programmable Comm channels - This handy feature lets you program up to 32 Comm channels for quick recall of those frequencies that you use the most. These frequencies are stored in such a way that you won't need a backup battery for power.
  • Remote channel increment capability - This feature gives you the ability to switch channels without the use of your hands, which is particularly great for helicopter pilots.
Do KX155 NAV/COM radios come with accessories?

Listed below are some of the accessories you can find sold with KX155 NAV/COM radios:

  • Extra knobs - Some units come with extra or replacement knobs in case of breakage or loss of the originals.
  • Headphones - You can find some of the KX155 units being sold with headphones. These are generally 500-ohms headphones.
  • Course deviation indicator - Some units are sold with course deviation indicators, which will alert you when your aircraft deviates from your programmed course or from a radio navigation beacon.
What to look for when purchasing KX155 NAV/COM radios

You'll want to keep in mind the following when purchasing KX155 NAV/COM radios:

  • Unit only - If you're not buying a new KX155, then keep in mind that you may not get all of the accessory parts that you need to fully install it. Missing parts may include installation trays, connectors, and backplates.
  • Condition - When buying used, you'll notice varying degrees of wear and tear, which is normal. However, watch out for units with damage to integral parts that could compromise the functionality of the unit. This would include any damage to the screen, knobs, or connector.
  • FAA Form 8130 - This is known as the Airworthiness Approval Tag and is used to show that a part or group of parts are currently in compliance with current FAA regulations.
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