K'NEX Building Toys

K'NEX makes building toys that combine creativity with educational opportunities. These toys are available in many themes and difficulty levels, which ensures that kids of all interests and abilities will find a suitable set. K'NEX offers toys for ages ranging from 3 to 16-plus.

What are the main K'NEX toy lines?

K'NEX offers several primary toy lines, including:

  • Imagine: These building sets are designed to spark the imagination. With micro and classic building pieces, kids can create everything from dinosaurs to helicopters. They facilitate science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) learning, while simultaneously improving kids' motor skills and coordination.
  • Roller Coaster: Roller Coaster sets let kids build entire amusement parks. These kits, which include motorized toys, can be used to create Ferris wheels, coasters, and more.
  • Education: K'NEX's educational line teaches children STEM concepts via hands-on learning. They're made to be used in classroom settings, and they cover topics like how machines work and the life cycles of organisms.
  • Kid: Kid K'NEX is made for preschoolers. Each kit includes large parts and pieces that are suitable for younger children. These building blocks can be used to create an array of eye-catching structures, ranging from depictions of sea creatures to cars.

Has K'NEX partnered with any well-known?

Yes, they’ve partnered with several brands to create specialized sets. Some of their branded construction sets include:

  • Mario Kart: K'NEX makes Mario-themed sets that let children build beloved characters like Luigi and Yoshi and their karts.
  • Super Mario: These construction kits let children recreate the entire Mario world via parts and pieces.
  • Plants vs. Zombies: The Plants vs. Zombies line, inspired by the popular video game, gives children the opportunity to build everything from Wild West sets to intricate boats.

Does K'NEX make Lincoln Logs?

The brand also produces Lincoln Logs sets, which have been helping children innovate and learn for more than 100 years. Lincoln Log sets are available in a variety of styles and sizes, giving kids the ability to make everything from single cottages to entire villages.

What about Tinkertoys?

Tinkertoy is yet another classic toy produced by this brand. They are available in plastic and wood, and they come in basic sets, deluxe sets, and essentials sets. My Little Pony sets are also available, allowing fans to recreate their favorite characters and settings.

What is included in K'NEX building sets?

Sets vary by size and complexity. Most sets, however, include:

  • A treasure-chest style storage case
  • The parts, pieces, or logs used in the construction of models
  • Instruction manuals that help children build models and their settings