Important Features, Benefits, and Specs About KLH Speakers

KLH speakers are prized among home enthusiasts and professionals. Combining durable construction with quality hardware and drivers, KLH speakers offer timeless style aligned to reliable function and dozens of custom options.

Can you use KLH speakers with any system?

Yes, you can. KLH speakers serve as additions to, or replacements for, any speakers you use at home, your office, or work. The applications are endless, from parties and DJ duties to your home theater. All freestanding speakers must connect to your audio or theater system by wires or a wireless system. Common types of audio connecting wires include:

  • Raw, cut wire jacks: With exposed ends you insert into the correct input/output ports.
  • RCA connectors: With standard colored jacks you insert into input/output ports.
  • Coaxial/digital cable: With jacks that fit specific input/output ports.
How do you know which speakers need amplifiers?

All speakers need amplifiers, but most receivers already have an amplifier. A receiver in an audio or home theater set is typically the main console that plays media. It often has a radio tuner built into it. You can also find gently used and new-in-box (NIB) independent receivers on eBay for use in custom speaker setups. It is advisable to use an amplifier with your subwoofer, even if your receiver has its own amplifiers. As with all subwoofers, KLH speaker subwoofers are:

  • Passive: A subwoofer that must be paired with an amp in order to work.
  • Active: A subwoofer with a built-in amp.
What are two-way, three-way, and 5.1 KLH speakers?

Two-way and three-way refer to "n-way speakers," or the numbers of drivers inside the speaker. A speaker driver is an audio transducer, a device that converts electrical signals into sound waves and, eventually, into audible sound frequencies. KLH speakers designed for 5.1 setups refer to a standard home theater array, which includes five stereo speakers and a subwoofer. All brands of speakers, including KLH speakers, utilize the same drivers in n-way speakers, which are listed here:

  • Tweeter: Emits treble frequencies.
  • Mid-Range: Outputs midrange tenor/alto frequencies.
  • Woofer: Transmits bass frequencies. (Two-Way speakers contain this driver and a tweeter; three-way speakers contain all of the above.)
Can you get separate components for KLH speakers?

Yes, you can, although availability depends on the market at the time of purchase. Generally, you can find nearly any type of separate component for KLH speakers on eBay. Purchase single components or entire sets that are backwards compatible or intended for use with certain speaker series. Some components you can find include:

  • Tweeter, Mid-Range, and Woofer Drivers
  • Crossovers
  • Tubes, Covers, Screws
  • Switch Plates
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