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Kith Clothing on eBay: Premium Quality, Affordable Prices

Kith's lifestyle brand combines classic streetwear with durable materials, sound construction, and refreshing designs. The Kith eBay selection continuously expands and changes, offering new and gently worn styles for the whole family.

What is the Kith pocket Williams hoodie made of?

The Williams hoodie is a staple Kith design available in many iterations, styles, and colors for men, women, and children. It's made of cotton, usually. Many Kith Williams hoodies have pockets, though others do not. Of those that have pockets, some are cotton blends. For the most part, Kith hoodies and other Kith clothing consists of 100% cotton. The Williams hoodie, in particular, is usually 400 to 500 GSM cotton for softness and resilience.

A brief note on Kith collaborations

Kith is its own lifestyle brand and has a series of brick-and-mortar stores that sell both Kith and other ready-to-wear brands. In the tradition of fashion brand collabs, Kith uses the letter "x" to denote a combined effort between them and another, usually publicly known, brand or idea. Kith-branded Tom and Jerry resell items are the result of a Kith x Tom & Jerry collab featuring clothing with images of the original cartoon cat and mouse. Other collabs include:

  • Kith x Champion
  • Kitch x Coca-Cola x Converse
  • Kith x Tommy Hilfiger
  • Kith x Versace
  • Kith x Nobu
How does a Kith sweatshirt fit?

Kith releases new sizing per collection, with specific measurements for men, women, and children per clothing item, per body part. Generally, Kith's sweatshirts and hoodies run large and roomy, at least one size up. The T-shirts tend to be average in terms of measurements, with each size fitting very similarly to the same size T-shirt made by other casual ready-to-wear brands.

Kith Treats: from soft serve to streetwear

Kith Treats started out as a soft serve ice cream kiosk located inside a Nike store and has since expanded to multiple standalone locations. Kith Treats mixes breakfast cereals into soft serve, inspired by Kith founder Ronnie Fieg's childhood dream of opening a cereal bar. Capitalizing on Kith Treats, Kith created a Treats-oriented capsule collection for men, women, and children. Like other Kith collections, Kith Treats receives continuous updates and has its own sizing system. Treats sell out often, but affordable new and gently worn Treats are always available on eBay.

Are there athletic collabs besides Kith Champion?

Yes, there are. Some Kith collabs that produced athletic wear include: Kith x Nike, Kith x Russell, Kith x Asics, Kith x Adidas, and Kith x Columbia. Sneakers were a major result of these collabs owing to founder Ronnie Fieg's former career as a renowned sneaker designer. However, these collabs also produced plenty of apparel, including T-shirts, track jackets, and hoodies.

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