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KEEN Work & Safety Boots for Men

KEEN Work Safety Boots for Men

Having a pair of safety shoes for work is essential to your protection and quality of work. Work boots can come in many shapes, sizes, and styles, to suit any type of work or lifestyle. From unique lacing systems to steel- and soft-toe features, you can find the right pair of KEEN work safety boots for men for you.

Whats the difference between work boots and other mens shoes?

Work boots are designed to keep your feet safe in a wide variety of situations and environments. For safety purposes, they protect your feet from harm and potentially, various types of injuries. Unlike other types of shoes, work boots are designed with specific features that should be considered in accordance with your type of work. Safety boots generally have the following characteristics:

  • Height: Depending on the type of work you perform, mens footwear can range in height. Safety boots can typically range from 5 to 12 inches. Shorter styles that sit closer to the ankle provide more flexibility. However, as the style gets taller, the boot offers more support and stability.
  • Toe protection: Many safety shoes for men feature different types of protection for your toes or metatarsals. This is added to protect your feet from falls, extreme weight, and other potential injuries. The toes protection can be made of either composite or soft materials. Soft toes are designed for less laborious work and can be worn for longer periods of time. Composite toes are lighter than steel and easier to wear for walking and moving around while you still maintain the steel-like protection. Steel toes are designed to withstand considerable impact and compression, so they are more suited for heavy jobs.
  • Traction: Work boots are specifically made with certain considerations in mind. Unlike other types of footwear, shoes meant for work safety are designed to help protect against falls and accidents.
What types of KEEN mens boots can you find?

KEEN manufactures a wide array of mens boots for a variety of jobs. They can be found in various heights with styles as small as 6 inches in height and as tall as 10 inches. You can find many styles in black and brown variations with options for soft, composite, or steel toe.

The lacing systems on KEENs shoes are unique to each style. You can find slip-on styles with no laces and various lace-up systems that are designed to stay put during heavy work times. Other features you can find in KEENs mens boots include resistance to punctures, protection against electrical hazards, metatarsal guards, and orthotic-friendly midsoles and outsoles.

Which mens sizes can you expect from KEEN?

KEEN designs footwear for men in sizes 7 to 15. In addition, you can find half sizes in almost all of the styles. Some of KEENs safety boots may fit differently because of the added protection and features in each style. For narrower styles, you may need a boot that is a half-size larger. And if you have wide feet, most KEEN boots are available in both regular and wide options.

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